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    18 Signs You're Dating A Nerd

    You know by now what a crime it is to call them a geek.

    1. They won't hesitate to whisper sweet nothings in an exotic foreign language.

    2. They love you, but sometimes can't help but correct you when you're wrong.

    3. They enjoy a good party, but prefer to have it on their terms.

    4. You flirt with each other via internet memes.

    5. Your world is constantly cluttered with PC parts and their peripherals.

    6. If you aren't a nerd yourself, you find ways to bond over geekery.

    7. If they're working all day on a computer, you constantly have to make sure they're not living solely on Hot Pockets.

    8. They are physically unable to stop bringing their computer to bed with them.

    9. Getting them to do the dishes is as simple as threatening to bend their Magic The Gathering cards.

    10. You always win the award for most obscure couple's costume.

    11. Bringing home a new console game for you on the day of its release is a very romantic gesture.

    12. There's never enough room on the power strip for all of your electronics.

    13. Taking the last Mountain Dew from their fridge is a capital offense.

    14. And they get especially offended when you confuse the terms "nerd" and "geek."

    15. You find as many memory sticks in their pockets and desks as most people find quarters.

    16. They're so good at math that you feel lucky to have them on your side.

    17. You get used to the fact that the "clean" version of their workspace is always going to be a little bit messy.

    18. You very frequently have this exchange: