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22 Secrets All Awkward Extroverts Will Never Tell You

I'm not aloof, I'm just reeaaaallly hoping you'll talk to me first.

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1. You've definitely prolonged a dead conversation because you didn't know how to gracefully leave it.

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"I don't actually have this many opinions about the weather."

2. You're not aloof, you're just really hoping that other people will talk to you first.


3. But once they DO talk to you, you've definitely led people on by being too affectionate.


Huggers gonna hug.

4. You will always wait in your car outside a party until your friends get there.


I need those friends! For social lubrication!

5. You've lingered after work or school hoping that someone would invite you to something.

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6. You often agree to go to things you don't care about just for the chance to hang.


This is how you end up stuck at improv shows on weeknights.

7. And you've DEFINITELY gone to things you didn't want to go to because you were afraid of not being invited to things anymore.

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Can't be that friend with the high flake rate.

8. You've agreed with someone about how "it's so nice to stay in by yourself and watch Netflix" when you definitely DO NOT agree with that.


"Yeah, definitely going to be a.... nice evening... by myself."

9. You spend a distressing amount of time worrying about what you're going to be doing on the weekend.


10. You love parties, but you hate throwing them... because what if no one comes?


11. And you will always give your own Instagram photos the 11th like so that you don't seem like a lame-o.

12. But otherwise, the only reason you like Instagram photos, Facebook statuses, and tweets is so you can get invited to people's birthday parties.


And you have definitely put off liking something until someone else does so that you're not the first all the time.

13. It takes all the willpower you have not to talk too loud when you're excited.

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14. You are constantly worried that you're the annoying friend.


15. You have no idea how much small talk to make with anyone.


16. When you tell a joke that doesn't end up being as funny as you think it is, a huge part of you dies inside.


17. You judge people who don't text back in a timely manner.

They are causing you pain with their schenanigans. And heart disease.

They are causing you pain with their schenanigans. And heart disease.

18. You often don't realize that you are talking too much until it's too late.


You need a smoke detector, instead of detecting smokes, it detects when you are laughing too loudly.

19. You're definitely a photobombed a photo you should not have bombed... and you are not sorry.

20. You really do not know the right time to leave a party.


What if there is still fun to be had?! WHAT IT?!

21. It took you a long time to realize that headphones on = please don't talk to me.


Ugh, you'r really sorry, you thought they just liked music. :(

22. You constantly overcommit yourself so you don't have to say "no" to anyone... and you like it.


Even though you try to play it cool, a full social calendar is DEFINITELY your happy place.

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