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25 Problems Only People With ADHD Understand

No, you cannot have any of my pills.

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1. When you have to work in any open space that isn't the quietest, emptiest, most boring library ever.

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You want to get stuff done, you really do, it's just that EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING AT ONCE AND YOU CAN'T ESCAPE FROM ANY OF IT. Lookin' at you, open-plan offices.

2. Spending so much time looking around at everything that catches your attention that you start to look paranoid.

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No, I'm not worried that someone is out to get me, it's just that EVERYTHING IS INTERESTING.


19. You tend to lose interest in things, like things you were super into literally seconds ago.


Things that you are actually STILL super into — but your brain is pulling you away like a mean mommy who won't let you hang out at Toys "R" Us.

22. If you've got your ADHD under control, anyone who messes with your carefully tuned schedule is asking to get cut.


They're also asking for you to be generally unproductive and annoying, so they're only hurting themselves, OK? OK. Good talk.

25. Whenever anyone tells you that you just "lack discipline."


I will make you a deal: I will agree to stop having ADHD if you agree to stop having skin or feet or your current eye color? READY, GO!


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