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    28 Problems Only Chicago Drivers Will Understand

    The L is starting to look really, really good.

    1. Seeing the last open spot on the street covered in an army of lawn furniture.

    2. Or realizing that there is at least one other driver who values saving a parking space over the safety of their passenger child.

    3. When you get a ticket for not having a city sticker if you don't actually live in the Chicago city limits.

    4. When you have no choice but to brave the Kennedy.

    5. Driving when it's snowing, and seeing all the lane lines get thrown out the window.

    6. When some idiot traffic reporter refers to all the expressways by their numbers and not their names.

    7. When there is a pothole the size of the sun in front of your house.

    8. When the pothole in front of your house finally gets "dealt with."

    9. Missing your freaking exit and having to go through the I-Pass booth AGAIN.

    10. When your local alderman pisses somebody off, and your street doesn't get plowed.

    11. Leaving your car somewhere overnight, and coming back to find it covered in parking tickets.

    12. When it's snowing, and a stop sign is more like a suggestion.

    13. When a sink hole opens up on your street because of a busted water main.

    14. Running into the post office for ten seconds, and when you come back, it's booted.

    15. Being late for work while parked on a street that hasn't been plowed.

    16. Construction on Lower Wacker Dr. and your GPS doesn't know any other way to get to where you need to be.

    17. Realizing that all the salt they pour on the streets to keep them from freezing is slowly rotting away your car.

    18. Being pretty sure you're on time for work... until you hit the Hillside Strangler.

    19. When the parking meter is jammed, and you can't remember whether it's legal or not to park there.

    20. Realizing that the street you need to get down is closed for street festival reasons.

    21. Really needing to park on the street, and only seeing spots that need to be dug out, first.

    22. Seeing how atrociously other drivers treat cyclists.

    23. When you're in gridlocked traffic in a blizzard, and you realize that this is actually a dangerous situation.

    24. Seeing big rigs speeding next to your car.

    25. Agonizing over whether or not your car is up for forging through a flood...

    26. Aaaaaaand realizing way too late that you've seriously underestimated the flood waters.

    27. When you take Lake Shore Drive and end up having an atrocious trip.

    28. Knowing that your car could be towed at any second, for any reason, to any corner of the city.