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28 Problems Only Chicago Drivers Will Understand

The L is starting to look really, really good.

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5. Driving when it's snowing, and seeing all the lane lines get thrown out the window.

6. When some idiot traffic reporter refers to all the expressways by their numbers and not their names.


Look, I just want to know what is happening with the Ike. I don't give a shit about whatever the hell "the 290" is.

11. Leaving your car somewhere overnight, and coming back to find it covered in parking tickets.

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Chicago Parking Enforcement: The only people on earth who can convict someone for the exact same crime 6 times.

15. Being late for work while parked on a street that hasn't been plowed.

21. Really needing to park on the street, and only seeing spots that need to be dug out, first.

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