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22 Struggles All Emotionally Unavailable People Will Understand

I like you, but please stop asking about my emotions.

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2. Everyone seems to be sobbing at sad movies except for you.

I think I'm the only female that didn't cry at Fault In Our Stars..

Jennifer Wright@JenJenWrightt

I think I'm the only female that didn't cry at Fault In Our Stars..

2:54 PM - 09 Jun 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

10. But you have literally no idea what to say when people are crying.

ESPECIALLY when children are crying. At least you can give a crying adult a beer.

13. You fundamentally do not understand people who listen to their hearts all the time.

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Your heart is terrible at thinking, that is why it isn't your brain.

15. On the rare occasion that you do cry, it's of vital importance that you escape before anyone finds out about it.


People seeing you cry = people then forcing you to tell them why you are crying = the only thing worse than crying.

20. Being forced to say anything really personal in front of a large group feels the same to you as having to pee in front of them.


How anyone manages to say wedding vows in front of everyone they know is a mystery to you.

21. There is no person you would rather cuddle with than yourself, in your own personal space.

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