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18 Pizza Joints You Must Try Before You Die

Every pizza is a personal pizza if you try hard and believe in yourself.

1. Di Fara Pizza -- Brooklyn

2. Pepe's -- New Haven, Conn.

3. Goodfellas Pizzeria -- Staten Island

Why you should try it: For their award-winning Tequila Pizza, which won "World's Best Pizza" at the International Pizza Expo in 2012. It's not hard to see why: This pizza combines basically every amazing flavor you love about summer and adds bacon to it, which makes it immune to boringness.

4. Pizzeria Mozza -- Los Angeles

5. Pizzeria Bianco -- Phoenix

6. Satchel's Pizza -- Gainesville, Fla.

Why it's worth trying: For both the incredibly tasty pizza and the unique atmosphere -- it's what TGI Friday's wishes it were. There's unique art on the walls, a play area for kids, and one of the tables is actually inside of an old van (which is lovingly covered in years of customer graffiti). Satchel's is basically a Gainesville institution, plus they make their own sodas!

7. Benny Tudino's -- Hoboken, N.J.

Why you should try it: Because they have slices as big as your baby -- and a wall of pictures that (sort of) proves it. But seriously: If you are a hungry person and you feel as though normal, wimpy-sized pizza is not your jam, you owe it to your personal growth as a human to attempt to wolf one of these slices down.

8. Fireside Pies -- Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas

9. Nice Slice -- Providence, R.I.

10. Fazzarri's -- Clarkston, Wash.

Why you should try it: For The Shotsy, which has mustard sauce, swiss and mozzarella cheese, polish sausage, sauerkraut, and beautiful, beautiful onions. It's a pie that takes the deli sandwich of your dreams and merges it seamlessly with pizza.

11. Pequod's -- Chicago

12. Bar -- New Haven, Conn.

13. The Cheeseboard Collective -- Berkeley

14. Zante's Indian Pizza -- San Francisco

Why you should try it: For the amazing Indian Pizzas. Indian flavors are basically foolproof: They all mix and match with each other well, and putting them directly onto bread is what you'd be doing with your naan, anyway. Plus, these pizzas come with delicious chutneys to dip the crust in, which is an excellent use of both chutney and crust.

15. Joe's Pizza -- New York

16. Paulie Gee's -- Brooklyn

17. Two Boots -- New York and Los Angeles

Why you should try it: All of the pizzas have great names -- the Newman (for Seinfeld) and the Dude (for The Big Lewboski), for example -- but the V For Vegan pie is the type of vegan pizza even non-vegans will love. Topped with veggies and a special criss-cross of basil and red pepper pestos, it's spicy and sweet and surprisingly addictive.

18. Ian's Pizza -- Madison, Wis.; Milwaukee; Denver

19. Whoops:

An earlier version of this article stated that Fireside Pies was in Dallas, Texas. Fireside Pies is actually located in both Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas.