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    20 People Who Are Having A Way Worse Christmas Than You


    1. You could be this dad on Christmas morning:

    2. You could have a co-worker who thinks this is hilarious:

    3. Your brand-new doll could IMMEDIATELY commit toy suicide:

    4. You could be Chris:

    5. You could be the parent to this child:

    6. You could be this kid who wanted some Beats By Dre, and received this:

    7. Your lazy significant other could be in charge of the Christmas tree:

    8. You could be trying to get to the airport while on the back of a motorcycle:

    9. All of your ornaments could look like this:

    10. You could get this card, and then have to explain it to your confused grandparents:

    11. Your dog could literally eat your Christmas:

    12. You could own only glass ornaments:

    13. You could be this kid:

    14. You could have a relative who doesn't know how different video game systems work:

    15. You could be ANYONE who gets a something re-gifted in an Apple product box:

    16. Your wrapped presents could get "inspected" by the TSA.

    17. Someone could gift you a bottle of ketchup:

    18. You could be the mall that hired this Santa:

    19. You could be given this Christmas sweater:

    20. You could have this neighbor: