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29 People Who Are Worse At Thinking Things Through Than You


1. Whoever designed these fishing trophies:

2. The visionary behind this vanity license plate:

3. The person who really, really wanted people to know how many types of grapes are in this wine:

4. The maker of this Purell ad who assumed that there is only one use for tissues:

5. Whoever put up these posters:

6. Whoever was head of uniform design:

7. Whoever signed off on this at Bath & Body Works:

8. Whoever assumed that Triscuits are definitely, for sure, the absolute last. place. that anyone would look for a sweet potato:

9. Whoever was in charge of writing product descriptions at Target:

10. Whoever was trying to sell this can of paint:

11. Whoever assumed that the plural of "selfie" must be "groupie":

12. The artist who did not think too hard about the width of this van door.

13. The person at Taco Bell who wanted to emphasize that this shake is just FULL OF CHERRIES:

14. Whoever thought that cursive would make this Levi's logo super classy:

15. The person wanted to make sure that their final sale sign was very well lit.

16. This therapist, who thought it would be a good idea to put it on a license plate:

17. This nana, who has a grandchild whose initials are "CK:"

18. The person who thought that "white crayon" would be an easy and awesome Halloween costume:

19. Whoever was in charge of advertising this mobile game:

20. Whoever was in charge of office design at Suna Communications:

21. Whoever was in charge of designing tote bags for the Canadian Opera Company:

22. The boss of the person who did the art on this van:

23. This mom, who figured she'd just get one cake for all three triplets:

24. The person who was trying to come up with a fun and wholesome activity:

25. The person who wrote this Dunkin' Donuts sign:

26. Whoever made this last-minute signage change:

27. The BBC:

28. Whoever signed off on this Mickey Mouse sidewalk chalk:

29. And whoever came up with the name for this column: