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    This 6-Year-Old Knows Exactly How To Decide What To Eat For Dinner

    He is ALL OF US when we can't figure out what to eat.

    A Reddit user's friend's 6-year-old brother was having a hard time deciding what he wanted for dinner.

    So, he did what any intelligent person would do... he pit 16 food options against each other IN A FOOD TOURNAMENT.

    Some of the MUNCH MADNESS food tournament HIGHLIGHTS:

    McDonald's beat out "pooh" in a stunning upset.

    Slurpee beat out chicken, because 6-year-olds.

    Soup never stood a chance against pizza.

    Pretzel went on an incredible victory streak before losing to tasty powerhouse brownies in the quarterfinal.

    French fries were beaten in a stunning upset against Spaghetti in the first round.

    But the undeniable winner was, of course, PIZZA.