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The 8 Most Romantic Places To Get Engaged At The Disneyland Resort

Where there is no chance that anyone could say no!

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This secluded area to the right of Sleeping Beauty Castle is already a popular spot to get engaged, and no wonder. Snow White's grotto is far enough from foot traffic where you can have some privacy, and the fountain sings some dreamy harp music to set the mood. Not only that, but it has a lovely view of Sleeping Beauty Castle, and the hearts on the bridge are just too charming.


Also known as the restaurant that's inside of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, the Blue Bayou can bring you dark, waterside romantic ambience even in the middle of the day, complete with softly chirping crickets and pretty fireflies. That, and you can celebrate with a slice of key lime pie afterwards. Be sure to make reservations!

3. The balcony at the Carthay Circle restaurant, California Adventure

Besides Carthay Circle being an absolutely impeccable place to take anyone you love for a meal, the balcony outside features gorgeous views of the nightly fireworks show happening at Disneyland. Of course, the balcony may not always be available, so make sure to check that you will have balcony access when making your reservation.

4. In front of "It's A Small World" in December, Disneyland

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If you'd prefer to have an audience (as there will be many people in line) and are willing to take advantage of a dramatic moment when you see one: The front of "It's A Small World" does not disappoint during Christmas, and it's even more beautiful in person. Best place to pop the question: in line, while on the bridge right before getting on the ride, when you've got a front row view of the beautiful Christmas light display.

5. The top of Mickey's Fun Wheel, California Adventure

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For more adventurous couples, this top of Mickey's Fun Wheel provides beautiful and unmatched panoramic views of the park, especially at sunset. But be sure to pick one of the stationary gondolas; if you pick one of sliding gondolas, you could have your magical moment ruined by sudden movement (or worse, you could accidentally drop the ring!).


6. Nighttime in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle in December, Disneyland

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When Disneyland goes into full Christmastime mode, a lot of iconic places around the park get an extra dash of magic, and Sleeping Beauty Castle is no exception. Bonus: at the end of the nightly Disneyland fireworks show, it "snows" on Main Street, U.S.A. (not real snow, but it's pretty and fun anyway.) If big groups of people give you hives, you'll have a little more privacy if you wait until after the crowds have cleared after the fireworks.

7. The walking area underneath the Silly Symphony Swings, California Adventure

This is an idea spot for anyone who wants a Disney proposal, but still craves some privacy. The walkway underneath the Silly Symphony Swings on Paradise Pier are a rarely trafficked area, but offer absolutely gorgeous views of Paradise Pier, especially if you go at sunset, when all the rides and attractions are lit up, reflecting off of the water, and pretty.

8. The World of Color show, California Adventure

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World of Color is a light and water show for people who would normally skip light and water shows -- that's how amazingly impressive it is. Plus, between the overwhelming displays of lights, color, and sound, this is one of those rare instances in which you can truly be alone in a crowd.

However, make sure you get a prime view. To ensure one, either pick up a fast pass for World of Color as soon as you get to the park (you can still pick up a fast pass for a normal ride right afterwards; the WoC fast pass does not count), or take advantage of the special World of Color dining packages at Carthay Circle, Wine Country Trattoria, or Ariel's Grotto, which provide you with tickets to prime World of Color viewing areas as part of your meal.