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21 Moments When 2014 Made You Proud To Have A Big Butt


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1. When you got to spend the summer shaking it to "Anaconda":

2. When Kim Kardashian made butts the best Fall 2014 accessory:

3. When you got to be THE BEST at hitting that Raven for the vine:

4. When everyone started doing belfies this year, you had the perfect rear to show off:

5. Every time Tina Belcher celebrated the beauty of butts on Bob's Burgers:


No shame in the game.

6. When Sione Maraschino stole your heart in the "All About That Bass" video:

7. When this talented musician knew exactly what to do with that big fat butt:

8. Because Iggy and J. Lo repped for your behind in the "Booty" video:

Because butts should support other butts.

9. When Amber Rose wore the hell out of this dress:

Gregg DeGuire / Wireimage

10. When Godzilla's giant ass took absolutely no prisoners:

Warner Brothers

Don't listen to the haters, Godzilla. YOU DO YOU.

11. When Rihanna made the entire concept of a butt look downright regal at the 2014 CFDA awards:

D Dipasupil / Getty Images

12. When you had something to smack when dancing out to Beyoncé's "7/11":

13. When adorable big-butted robot Baymax helped save the day in Big Hero 6:


14. When even potatoes couldn't help but get themselves a big ol' booty:


Even potatoes.

15. When Rihanna made butt cleavage a must-have at her Met Ball after-party:

Ray Tamarra / GC Images

16. When this cat *~*lived its truth*~* and became the butt it always wanted to be:


17. When you literally kicked ass at doing the shmoney:

18. When the 2014 VMAS were one giant shout-out to the derrière:

Michael Buckner / Getty

19. When Jen Selter's Instagram account brought the squat back:

20. When you realized that others might be jealous of your natural butt... because so many people were shelling out $$$ to get a fake one:

Booty Pop / Via

21. When Dear Kate schooled Victoria's Secret over what having a "perfect body" really means:

Dear Kate / Via

Because let's be serious... all booties are good booties. <3 <3 <3

May 2015 bring you peace, love, and butt-yness!

MTV / Via

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