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    Last Night, Neil Degrasse Tyson Gave A 6-Year-Old Amazing Life Advice

    "You have my permission to pull out all the pots and pans and bang on them with spoons."

    Neil DeGrasse Tyson, noted bad-ass and general cornucopia of wisdom, did a talk at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston last night.

    During his speech, a 6-year-old named Jackson asked him "What's the meaning of life?"

    NDT did not disappoint. First, he gave Jackson some very comforting insight:

    And explained that learning about the world sometimes means making a big ol' mess:

    He even got down on the ground and gave Jackson some tips on how to get started:

    That feeling you're getting? That's what it's like to have your ovaries explode.


    Neil Degrasse Tyson just makes you feel like everything is gonna be OK.

    You can see the world's luckiest kid get the best advice ever here:

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