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    Last Night, Neil Degrasse Tyson Gave A 6-Year-Old Amazing Life Advice

    "You have my permission to pull out all the pots and pans and bang on them with spoons."

    Neil DeGrasse Tyson, noted bad-ass and general cornucopia of wisdom, did a talk at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston last night.

    During his speech, a 6-year-old named Jackson asked him "What's the meaning of life?"

    NDT did not disappoint. First, he gave Jackson some very comforting insight:

    And explained that learning about the world sometimes means making a big ol' mess:

    He even got down on the ground and gave Jackson some tips on how to get started:

    That feeling you're getting? That's what it's like to have your ovaries explode.

    You can see the world's luckiest kid get the best advice ever here:

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