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The 23 Smartest Things Written By Kids In 2014

Kids for President of the United States of Everything.

1. This year, kids had their share of conspiracy theories:

2. They liked to quote Buzz Lightyear:

3. They had the world's most perfect life goals:

4. They were excellent with names:

5. And gave the perfect answers to test questions:

6. They planned daring escapes:

7. They did what they had to do in order to survive:

8. Really, kids just wanted you to let them live their lives, OK?

9. Because this year, they were not taking your crap, anymore:

10. Some kids had big dreams:

11. They sometimes couldn't remember their last names, but they recovered with grace:

12. They were not about to let you talk down to them:

13. They understood that grown-ups are total weirdos.

14. They sometimes had urgent requests:

15. They were very strict about their parents' job performance:

16. They designed beautiful posters:

17. But they definitely appreciated their parents:

18. They refused to give in to cleaning their room:

19. They wrote beautiful love notes:

20. They planned revenge:

21. And they issued demands about the toilet seat:

22. They gave all the best compliments this year:

23. Because this year, kids definitely knew what was up: