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Olympic Swimmers Keep Breaking This Basic Pool Rule And It's Driving People Nuts

Also, seriously, doesn't that just hurt their junk?

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OK, so if you've ever spent any amount of time around a pool, you know one of the major rules is NO SITTING ON THE LANE LINE.

Odd Andersen / AFP / Getty Images

Unless you want your lifeguard and/or swim coach to go berserk on you for potentially breaking it/being lazy.


But rest assured, indignant pool-goer, people have noticed this massive transgression against pool etiquette:

Michael phelps would be the only swimmer in the world to get away with sitting on the lane line like that

You are not taking crazy pills — sitting on the lane line is still not at all allowed.

All I can think with this Peaty kid is how has no one yelled at him over sitting on the lane line 😂😂

People are just as confused as you as to why this is happening, and how every lifeguard watching must be mad AF.

look at that little british boy sitting on the lane line like he hasn't been told not to nine times a day for all his whole life

And they are not happy about it.

WHY DO ALL THE SWIMMERS KEEP SITTING ON THE LANE LINES!? STOP! Clearly they've never had to restring a lane line before


So don't worry: The world has not turned upside down.

I imagine one of the major perks of being an Olympic swimmer has got to be sitting on the lane line without getting yelled at

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