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    If You Aren't Having A "Pie And Prejudice" Party On Pi Day You Are A Dummy

    It's like a drinking game, but with pie and Pride and Prejudice. How else are you supposed to celebrate 3/14?!

    There is only one truly respectable way to celebrate 3/14, also known as PI DAY...

    ... And that is with the GLORIOUS CELEBRATION that is Pie and Prejudice!

    What is Pie and Prejudice, you ask? Well, it's like a drinking game, except with pie!

    And DEFINITELY make sure it's the 1995 BBC miniseries version, because it contains Lord Of The Smoulder Colin Firth.

    Once you've assembled all your supplies (plus some friends!) you just follow these simple rules:

    1. Whenever Mr. Darcy tries to express HIS ~TRUE FEELINGS~, take a nibble of pie and a sip of the bubbly stuff.

    2. Have a bite of pie whenever Mary acts totally smug and annoying.

    3. Any time Lady Catherine throws shade, take a sip.

    4. Whenever Mr. Darcy acts like a rude a-hole for no reason, take a bite and a sip.

    5. Whenever anyone says anything that is totally confusing, take a bite and a sip.

    Oh for crap's sake, JUST SAY HER EYES ARE PRETTY.

    6. When Mrs. Bennett acts like a total gold digger, take a sip!

    7. When Mr. Darcy makes a stink face, eat some pie.

    8. When Mr. Darcy takes off an article of clothing, take a bite of pie AND a swig of your drink!

    UH OH, that's two bites, there!

    If you've done it right, you and your friends will end the day like this!

    Happy Pi Day!