How Ready Are You For Summer To Be Over?


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  1. 1. Click all that apply to you:

    There is no air conditioning in your apartment.
    There is no air conditioning at your office/school.
    You have to work outside.
    You do not have access to a pool, beach, or sprinkler.
    You have access to a REALLY GROSS pool, beach, or sprinkler.
    You really can’t wait for all your shows to come back.
    You can’t STAND summer TV.
    You sweat a lot.
    You tend to sweat through your t-shirts.
    You’ve ruined a lot of clothes with pit stains.
    You hate shorts.
    You can’t stand flip flops or sandals.
    You think your bathing suit is ugly.
    Going to your friends’ weddings is bankrupting you.
    You are gaining weight from all the BBQs.
    You’re sick of warm beer.
    You hate fireworks.
    Your Facebook is clogged with people’s vacation and wedding photos.
    You REALLY hate eating outside.
    You live with or near really bored and loud children.
    You have run out of activities to do with your kids.
    Your car gets really hot.
    Your legs stick to every plastic seat.
    Your pets have shed all over the place.
    The mosquitos will not leave you alone.
    You are more than ready for all these flies to JUST DIE ALREADY.
    You’ve gotten at least one bad sunburn.
    You’ve gotten sand in a place where you did not want sand.
    You have already broken or lost your sunglasses.
    You’re all done with having to shave so much.
    The humidity is destroying your hair.
    You are always forgetting sunscreen and sunglasses.
    Your sunscreen always feels greasy.
    You have weird tan lines on your feet.
    You can’t find a deodorant that really works.
    You want to be able to enjoy the outdoors again.
    On Fridays, you always get stuck in out-of-town traffic.
    You’ve learned that you hate the beach.
    You’ve spent way too much money on summer activities.
    You just realized that it’s going to hot until at least October.

How Ready Are You For Summer To Be Over?

Look, you don't mean to be a killjoy, but summer is really testing your patience this year. You would really appreciate it if it would end in a timely fashion, because all of your skin is peeling off from sunburns.

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Look, you put up a strong front, but you are pretty frigging ready for summer to be over. It's OK. You can let it all out. Only 8 more weddings to get through.

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If you could just take a nap and wake up in November, that would be great, because summer is kicking your ass. Summer wins. You lose. You're all freaking done with it now.

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