How Gifted Were You As A Child?

It was illegal for you to get Bs, wasn’t it?

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    1. 1 Was your first word anything other than mama or dada?
    2. 2 Did you ever have an unusually extensive interest in any subject as a child?
    3. 3 Were you reading by 3?
    4. 4 Reading by 4?
    5. 5 Reading chapter books by 6?
    6. 6 Reading chapter books by 7?
    7. 7 Were you in your school’s gifted and talented program?
    8. 8 Did you speak two or more languages fluently as a child?
    9. 9 Did you ever have to care for someone other than yourself as a child?
    10. 10 Could you draw, paint, or sculpt better before the age of 10 than most adults?
    11. 11 Could you play an instrument before the age of 10 better than most adults?
    12. 12 Did you know your multiplication tables before the age of 8?
    13. 13 Could you multiply or divide numbers in your head that were larger than 2 digits?
    14. 14 Were you ever the head of your extracurricular activity?
    15. 15 Did any of your schools ever have to make special arrangements for you to do advanced work?
    16. 16 Did you do extensive reading and writing outside of your school work?
    17. 17 Did you participate in Odyssey of the Mind?
    18. 18 Did you know more about computers and/or coding before 18 than most adults?
    19. 19 Were at least half of your classes in middle school advanced or honors?
    20. 20 Were most of your classes in middle school advanced or honors?
    21. 21 Did you take AP Physics?
    22. 22 AP Calculus?
    23. 23 AP English?
    24. 24 AP History?
    25. 25 AP Biology?
    26. 26 Any other special AP classes?
    27. 27 Did you ever win any trophies/medals for something besides participation?
    28. 28 Did you ever win any first place medals/trophies?
    29. 29 Did you take (and pass) any IB classes?
    30. 30 Were you in the National Honors Society/or equivalent?
    31. 31 Did you enter college as a sophomore?
    32. 32 Did you ever go to the state championships for anything?
    33. 33 Did you ever go to the national championships for anything?
    34. 34 Did you ever place at a state or national championship?
    35. 35 Were you ever a state or national champion?
    36. 36 Did you graduate in the top %10 of your class?
    37. 37 Were you a valedictorian or salutatorian?
    38. 38 Did you have at least a 3.5 GPA?
    39. 39 Did you have at least a 4.0 GPA?
    40. 40 Were you ever a science fair champion?
    41. 41 Did you ever have anything published before you were 18?
    42. 42 Did you ever have anything patented before you were 18?
    43. 43 Were you ever featured in the local news?
    44. 44 Were you ever featured in the national news?
    45. 45 Is your picture and/or name still on display at your high school for any reason?
    46. 46 Did you successfully complete an IB Diploma Programme?
    47. 47 Did you get into a college you wanted to go to?
    48. 48 Did you get into one of your reacher schools?
    49. 49 Did you get into an Ivy League School?
    50. 50 Did you eventually go to an Ivy League School?
    51. 51 Did you get at least a 1400 (or a 2100) on your SATs?
    52. 52 Did you get at least a 1500 (or a 2250) on your SATs?
    53. 53 Did you get a perfect score on your SATs?
    54. 54 Did you have a crush on Bill Nye the Science Guy?
    55. 55 Will people never shut up about your potential?
    56. 56 Did your principal know you by both first and last name?
    57. 57 Did your parents consider you gifted?
    58. 58 Have you ever told anyone that you are gifted?
    59. 59 Do your parents ever complain about how much space your awards are taking up in their house?
    60. 60 If you never did any work, would you have been able to get by anyway?
    61. 61 Did the idea of slacking off as a kid give you hives?
    62. 62 Do you ever feel guilty that you are not living up to your potential?
    63. 63 If you even considered dating, did your parents immediately put a stop to it?
    64. 64 Were you ever allowed to leave your room or your school before your 18th birthday?

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