How L.A. Are You?

You might be more Los Angeles than you think.

  1. Check off all the questions that you would answer YES to:
    1. 1 Do you love to put avocado on your food?
    2. 2 Have you ever been caught in Lakers traffic?
    3. 3 Do you complain about traffic more than once a week?
    4. 4 Have you ever rolled your eyes at a Starline Tour bus?
    5. 5 Have you ever been to the Getty Center?
    6. 6 Do you just hate the 405?
    7. 7 Have you ever tried to take Sepulveda instead, only to realize that you have made a terrible mistake?
    8. 8 Do you avoid Hollywood and Highland at all costs?
    9. 9 Do you love pressed juice?
    10. 10 Have you ever been to the Getty Villa?
    11. 11 Have you ever been to a Cinespia cemetary screening?
    12. 12 Have you ever hiked Runyon Canyon?
    13. 13 Have you ever been hiking for networking purposes?
    14. 14 Have you only ever hiked for networking purposes?
    15. 15 Do you have a shameful (or shameless) brunch obsession?
    16. 16 Do you have a favorite beach?
    17. 17 Would you be caught dead going to the Santa Monica beach?
    18. 18 Have you ever been on a drinks meeting?
    19. 19 Do you go to drinks meetings more than once a week?
    20. 20 Have you ever driven to Vegas?
    21. 21 Do you know any aspiring actresses?
    22. 22 Do you know any aspiring screenwriters or directors?
    23. 23 Did you know that LA has a subway?
    24. 24 Have you ever seen a celebrity?
    25. 25 Do you know any people who work in film or TV development?
    26. 26 Have you ever been to LACMA?
    27. 27 Have you ever been inconvenienced by a film shoot?
    28. 28 Do you know any people who work on film or TV sets?
    29. 29 Do you hate when people visiting you want to go see the Walk of Fame?
    30. 30 Have you ever gone to a party just to network?
    31. 31 Do you only go to parties in order to network?
    32. 32 Have you ever done a juice cleanse?
    33. 33 Do you eat from food trucks more than once a month?
    34. 34 Do you have a favorite/preferred taco truck?
    35. 35 Have you ever been invited to a quinceañera?
    36. 36 Have you ever been to the West Hollywood Halloween parade?
    37. 37 Have you ever tried to learn to surf or body board?
    38. 38 Do you surf or bodyboard regularly?
    39. 39 Do you have a favorite speak easy?
    40. 40 Do you have a favorite In-N-Out?
    41. 41 Does everyone around you drive like morons in the rain?
    42. 42 Do you love trying craft beers?
    43. 43 Have you ever accidentally driven through skid row at night?
    44. 44 Have you ever been woken up by your neighbor’s rooster?
    45. 45 Are you an aspiring actor or screenwriter?
    46. 46 Do most earthquakes make you shrug?
    47. 47 Do you have strong feelings about where you should go in an earthquake?
    48. 48 Have you ever made social plans based on how bad traffic is?
    49. 49 Do you always make social plans based on how bad traffic is?
    50. 50 Have you ever had a conversation entirely about freeways?
    51. 51 When you hear that Obama is coming to down, do you immediately start thinking about how to get around the traffic?
    52. 52 Do you wear a coat if it’s colder than 55 degrees?
    53. 53 Colder than 65 degrees?
    54. 54 Colder than 75 degrees?
    55. 55 Have you ever had a heated discussion about which place has the best burgers?
    56. 56 Do you absolutely swear by yoga?
    57. 57 Do you ever take day trips to Disneyland?
    58. 58 Have you ever had a heated discussion about which place has the best tacos?
    59. 59 Do you have really strong feelings about the Valley?
    60. 60 Do you have really strong feelings about the West or East side of LA?
    61. 61 Have you ever bought fruit in a bag from a street vendor?
    62. 62 Have you ever driven to Malibu just to go to the beach?
    63. 63 Have you drifted away from friends because they and/or you moved to the valley or the West/East side?
    64. 64 Do you need kale in your life?
    65. 65 Do you swear by your fitness class?
    66. 66 Do you love going to the farmer’s market?
    67. 67 Have you ever been to a Dodger’s game?
    68. 68 Did you leave during the 7th inning in order to beat the traffic?
    69. 69 Has anyone ever pointed out how smoggy the sky is today, and you realize you didn’t even notice?
    70. 70 Do you know where to go if an earthquake should happen while you are at home?
    71. 71 Do you worry about being in your car during a major earthquake?
    72. 72 Do you own an earthquake emergency kit?
    73. 73 Have you ever complained about police helicopter lights and/or noise?
    74. 74 If you forget your sunglasses at home, does it completely ruin your day?
    75. 75 Have you ever checked for vegan or gluten-free options before picking a restaurant?
    76. 76 Do you know of any brunch places that do bottomless mimosas?
    77. 77 Do get annoyed when people call the freeways “highways”?
    78. 78 Does the idea of going to the Third Street Promenade on a Saturday afternoon give you hives?
    79. 79 Have you ever spent a night on Abbot Kinney?
    80. 80 Have you ever taken your picture with the streetlamp installation outside of LACMA?
    81. 81 Do you have a favorite Venice boardwalk street performer?
    82. 82 Do you ever lament your city’s lack of a football team?
    83. 83 Can most of your clothes be worn year round?
    84. 84 Have you ever been to an Art Walk?
    85. 85 Have you ever successfully survived a trip to The Grove?
    86. 86 Do you have a preferred route to take to LAX?
    87. 87 Do you live in fear of street cleaning days?
    88. 88 When people talk about the Samsung building, do you know what they are talking about?
    89. 89 Have you gotten pretty good at finding street parking?
    90. 90 Have you ever chosen not to live at an apartment based on the availability of street parking?
    91. 91 Have you, or have you ever known anyone who has run a marathon before?
    92. 92 Do you get really annoyed when people call Silverlake and Echo Park “the East side”?
    93. 93 Have you ever taken a bottle of wine to the Hollywood Bowl?
    94. 94 Do you know where to park near Hollywood Bowl so that you don’t have to pay for parking?
    95. 95 Have you ever stood in line at Griffith Observatory?
    96. 96 Do you have a preference for either Pinkberry or Yogurtland?
    97. 97 Have you ever taken an improv class?
    98. 98 Is getting a jaywalking ticket a legitimate fear of yours?
    99. 99 Do you know which bars to stay away from if you want to avoid actors or wannabe actors?
    100. 100 Has anyone ever tried to talk to you about the new diet they’re trying?

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