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How Big Are Your Boobs?

Are your boobs just out of control at this point?

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    Button-up shirts.
    Lying flat on your stomach.
    Unexpected running.
    Shopping at the mall for bras.
    Low cut tops.
    Push-up bras.
    Wearing bikinis, or any other kind of swimwear with a flimsy top part.
    Strapless bras.
    Roller coasters with restraints that come down over your shoulders.
    Back pain.
    Bra straps digging into your shoulders.
    Running quickly up stairs.
    Not wearing a bra.
    Stuff falling in your cleavage.
    Tent blouses.
    Strapless dresses.
    Cheap sports bras.
    Getting a bra to last longer than 6 months.
    Messenger bags.
    Finding tops that fit correctly.
    Stretch marks.
    Built-in bras.
    Victoria's Secret.
    Steering wheels.
    Dropping stuff down into your cleavage.
    Cracking ironed-on screen prints on T-shirts.
    Folding your arms.
    Turning around without hitting things.
    Long necklaces.
    Getting stains on your shirts under your boobs without knowing it.
    Airplane turbulence.
    Getting water on your boobs while washing dishes.
    Accidentally knocking things over with your boobs.
    Shirt ruffles.
    Stretching out tops.
    Hugging people without crushing them.
    Ribbed sweaters.
    Dresses never fitting the way they do on mannequins.
    Normal length shirts becoming too short.
    Weight fluctuations.
    Having limited choices in bra styles.
    Boob sweat.
    Backless shirts.
    Your bra constantly showing.
    Underwire digging into your skin.
    Bras ripping under strain.
    Any kind of arm chafing.
    Tops or dresses with awkwardly-located prints.
    Horizontal stripes.
    Halter tops digging into your neck.
    Name tags.

How Big Are Your Boobs?

Your boobs are ample. Yeah, you understand the struggle. It’s not easy being booby.
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Your boobs are pretty big. Wow, you deserve a back rub, like immediately. Volkov
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Your boobs are out of control. Someone needs to give you a medal of honor, because you are fighting the good fight every day. Stay strong. Madia
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