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15 Halloween Costumes That Would Terrify Twentysomethings

Oh dear god, it's an invitation to your high school reunion.

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Illustrations By Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. A Person Who Has Been an Intern for 10 Years

Jenny Chang for BuzzFeed

AKA, someone who died when they were 22 and has been walking the Earth as a zombie ever since.

2. Someone From Your Alumni Association Asking for Donations

Jenny Chang for BuzzFeed

Every call from your alumni association feels like a call that's coming from inside the house.

3. The Google Search for Your Name...That Has Your Old, Emo Blog at the Top

Jenny Chang for BuzzFeed

It's the whining you did about your crush on a band from 2008...COMING BACK FROM THE GRAVE TO RUIN ALL YOUR JOB PROSPECTS.

4. Half a Pizza That You Drunkenly Forgot to Put Back in the Fridge

Jenny Chang for BuzzFeed

There is nothing spookier for your wallet than paying $15 for a pizza and then discovering that you left it to rot on your kitchen counter all night.

5. An Invitation to Your High School Reunion

Jenny Chang for BuzzFeed

"Seven days," says the invitation. "A horrible reminder of how much time has passed and how crappy your high school friends are will be happening in seven days."

6. A Friend Who Changed Their Netflix Password Without Telling You

Jenny Chang for BuzzFeed

That moment of terror when you're two episodes away from finishing Breaking Bad, and you realize that some sociopath (who is not answering their texts) has locked you out of it.

7. The Extra Parts From an Ikea Bed That You've Already Assembled

Jenny Chang for BuzzFeed

"But if all these parts are out here," you think, terrified, "then what ungodly force is holding this bed together?!"

8. A Roommate Who Has Sex Too Loudly

Jenny Chang for BuzzFeed

NOOOO NOT THE SCREAMING... know I can HEAR you, right? Oh you don't care? Cool.

9. A Sallie Mae Representative Calling About Your Student Loan Bill

Jenny Chang for BuzzFeed


10. An Empty Bottle of Two-Buck CHuck

Jenny Chang for BuzzFeed

WHY GOD, WHY??? Especially scary when the costume includes a watch that is set to a time when ALL OF THE LIQUOR STORES ARE CLOSED.

11. Your Co-Worker's Tinder Profile

Jenny Chang for BuzzFeed

True fact: If you see your co-worker's duckface, you die seven days later.

12. A Friend Request From Your Boss

Jenny Chang for BuzzFeed

OMG DO I ACCEPT THIS??? :: cleans up tagged pictures immediately ::

Once you are friends with your boss, your profile is forever unclean.

13. A Landlord Who Really Hates Parties

Jenny Chang for BuzzFeed

Sure, everything seemed cool at first...until you signed the lease.

14. Decaffeinated Coffee

Jenny Chang for BuzzFeed

DEcaffeinated coffee is obviously just coffee that has been possessed by the DEvil.

15. A Voicemail

Jenny Chang for BuzzFeed

Literally every voicemail is haunted; this is a scientific fact.

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