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    20 Gifs That Perfectly Capture Your Long-Term Relationship

    Your life is like The Notebook, if The Notebook were a movie about two people who can never decide on what to have for dinner.

    1. When you and your SO are trying to decide what to have for dinner:

    2. When it becomes apparent that you have not actually read War and Peace, as stated on your online dating profile:

    3. When your partner forces you to go to a party that you really don't want to go to:

    4. When you're both trying to keep the kitchen clean:

    5. When one of you is clearly in the wrong about a fight:

    6. When your partner asks you to fix the router but then asks you to take out the trash while you're fixing the router:

    7. When you have to call on your partner to come and kill a bug for you:

    8. When you are both way too tired for sex:

    9. When you're both trying to be the better person in the nightly Netflix debate:

    10. When your SO leaves you alone with their parents:

    11. When your your phone dings and you hope it's a text from your SO, but instead it's their mom:

    12. When your girlfriend asks if you like her new outfit:

    13. When they make fun of your Spotify playlists:

    14. When the two of you get back from grocery shopping, and you both remember that you forgot toilet paper:

    15. When you are pretty sure your SO isn't paying attention to what you're trying to say:

    16. When you get caught looking at your SO's e-mail over their shoulder:

    17. When you expect to have to cook, and your partner calls from the pizza place asking if you want extra cheese:

    18. When your partner lets you use the bathroom first:

    19. When you accidentally fart in front of your SO for the first time:

    20. When you have to insist to your SO that no, SERIOUSLY, DELIVERY STOPS AT 9, PLEASE PICK A CHINESE PLACE: