15 Famous People Who Didn’t Make It Big Until Way After Their Twenties

You have plenty of time to get it together. Inspired by these answers on Quora.

1. Colonial Sanders didn’t come up with the secret recipie until he was 50 years old.

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(Source: Quora)

2. Momofuku Ando, inventor of instant ramen, did not invent Cup Noodles until he was 61.

The patron saint of poor college students didn’t even invent his first instant ramen prototype until he was 48.

(Source: Quora)

3. Vivienne Westwood didn’t have her first runway show until she was 41.


And was already in her mid-30s before she opened up her first shop.

4. Peter Roget invented the thesaurus at 73.

Before that, he’d been tooling around as a doctor obsessed with words that meant the same thing.

(Source: Quora)

5. Charles Darwin didn’t publish his theory of evolution until he was 50.


And after the untimely death of his oldest daughter, whose passing traumatized him so much that he couldn’t even bring himself to come to her funeral.

(Source: Quora)

6. Ray Kroc didn’t found the McDonald’s corporation until he was 52.

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Before that, he had merely been a milkshake multi-mixer salesman.

(Source: Quora)

7. Julia Child didn’t even learn how to cook until she was nearly 40.

Everett Collection

And didn’t release her first cookbook until she was almost 50.

(Source: Quora)

8. Rodney Dangerfield was an an aluminum siding salesman whose comedy career didn’t take off until his 40s.

Orion/ Everett Collection

(Source: Quora)

9. Laura Ingalls Wilder didn’t get to publish her Little House On The Prairie books until she was in her 60s.

(Source: Quora)

10. Raymond Chandler published his first novel, The Big Sleep, when he was 51.

(Source: Quroa)

11. Martha Stewart did not start her first catering business until she was 35.

12. Phyllis Diller didn’t even start her stand-up career until she was 37.

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(Source: Quora)

13. John Pemberton didn’t invent Coca-Cola until he was 55.


(Source: Quora)

14. Phillip Glass was an unknown cab driver who didn’t get his first major work performed at the Metropolitan Opera House until he was almost 40.

(Source: Quora)

15. Vera Wang didn’t design her first bridal gown until she got married at 40.

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