24 Faces All Hungry People Will Recognize Immediately

    Tacos rule everything around me.

    1. The "We've Been Waiting 30 Minutes For Our Food" face:

    When your food is taking too long ⁉😂😂😂 #SuiteDramaFree

    2. The "I'm Drunk And I Just Got Some Fast Food" face:

    3. The "Girl, I Know You Ate All My Oreos" face:

    When your best friend eats all your food and denies it. @melodiemcmuffin

    4. The "I Thought The Server Was Bringing Our Food But It Just Went To Another Table" face:

    when you see the waiter coming towards your table with food but it turns out it's not yours


    When you see your food coming at a restaurant ft. the one and only @GULLlT

    6. The "I Just Opened The Fridge And My Leftovers Are Gone" face:

    when u open your fridge to look for the food you saved and it ain't there

    7. The "Oh Hell No You Did Not Just Ask For Some Of My Fries" face:

    "@chloefromvine: Friend asks for your food " when Kat eats my fries after I ask her if she wants her own. @Kthaii

    8. The "Mom Just Caught Me Sneaking Food At 2 a.m." face:

    when u get caught sneaking food in the middle of the night

    9. The "Everyone Just Ordered Delivery And I Missed It" face:

    10. The "Someone Just Said They Don't Like Candy" face:

    mfw someone says they don't like chocolate milk

    11. The "If I Stare At The Microwave, Maybe My Food Will Cook Faster" face:

    when the food is taking too long

    12. The "I'm Eating Junk Food, Deal With It" face:

    when you are dieting but get caught in the junk food cabinet

    13. The "The Restaurant I Want Delivery From Is Still Taking Orders" face:

    14. The "The Delivery Guy Just Rang The Doorbell" face:

    15. The "How Is It Not Lunchtime Yet?" face:

    16. The "I Just Found A Food That I Forgot I Had" face:

    17. The "My Roommate Just Caught Me Eating Their Food" face:

    18. The "We're Going Out To Dinner And Everyone Is Taking Forever To Get Ready" face:

    19. The "Oh My God Mom No One Cares If The Placemats Match Please Just Sit Down So We Can Eat" face:

    When your mom calls you to the table but the food isn't ready yet

    20. The "I Ordered Too Much Food And I Definitely Ate It All" face:

    21. The “I’m Watching A Food Competition Show And I'm So Jealous Of The Judges" face:

    22. The "Someone Just Asked Me If I Like Spicy Food" face:

    23. The "This Food Is Way Too Hot But I'm Gonna Keep Chewing It Anyway" face:

    24. The "I Just Realized Thanksgiving Is Three Weeks Away" face: