Do You Apologize Too Much?

Sorry, I’m not sorry, but also I am very very very sorry.

    1. 1 When you have actually done something wrong.
    2. 2 When you have hurt someone’s feelings.
    3. 3 When you are about to say something bitchy.
    4. 4 When you turn out to be wrong about something.
    5. 5 When you are not actually sorry about the thing you are apologizing for.
    6. 6 When you accidentally hit someone.
    7. 7 When you need to interrupt a conversation.
    8. 8 When you have to ask for someone’s help.
    9. 9 When you sneeze.
    10. 10 When you have to ask someone to move out of the way.
    11. 11 When you are five minutes late.
    12. 12 When you have to ask someone to lift their feet or move out of the way so you can clean something.
    13. 13 When you have to come into a room where a meeting is in progress.
    14. 14 When you have to ask someone to do something that you know will slightly inconvenience them.
    15. 15 When you disagree with someone.
    16. 16 When you don’t get a joke.
    17. 17 When you have to deliver bad news on behalf of someone else.
    18. 18 When you have to discipline someone.
    19. 19 When you walk through a door before someone else.
    20. 20 When you need to get someone’s attention.
    21. 21 When you forget to return a call or a text.
    22. 22 When you don’t instantly respond to a GChat.
    23. 23 When you accidentally touch someone.
    24. 24 When someone actually holds open a door and tells you to walk through it before they do.
    25. 25 When you say something at the same time as someone else.
    26. 26 When you need to ask for something.
    27. 27 When you have to use a thing, but you suspect that someone within a 10 ft. radius also might need to use that thing.
    28. 28 When you’ve just taken a bite of food, and someone asks you a question.
    29. 29 When you have to slightly alter your path so that you can walk around someone.
    30. 30 When you have to disagree with someone who is so absurdly wrong it is obvious to everyone who has ever lived.
    31. 31 When you have to ask someone to do something they should have already done.
    32. 32 When you are five minutes early.
    33. 33 When you are feeling unattractive.
    34. 34 Whenever you walk into a room, just as a preventative measure.
    35. 35 When starting an e-mail.
    36. 36 When ending an e-mail.
    37. 37 When you are standing in front of the fridge and someone needs to open the fridge.
    38. 38 When someone asks you to pass something at the table.
    39. 39 When you are trying to get around someone else on the sidewalk.
    40. 40 After accidentally kicking a table.
    41. 41 When you almost bump into someone, but then you don’t.
    42. 42 After someone bumps into you.
    43. 43 When someone wants your attention, and you don’t immediately give them your attention.
    44. 44 When a restaurant gets your order wrong, and you have to send it back.
    45. 45 Whenever you have to talk to someone, just as a preventative measure.
    46. 46 When you have to ask an employee to help you in a store.
    47. 47 When you have to reach over someone.
    48. 48 When you’ve dropped something.
    49. 49 And that something belongs to you.
    50. 50 When there’s a pause in a conversation.
    51. 51 When you make a typo.
    52. 52 When someone is standing in front of something you need at the grocery store.
    53. 53 When you can’t hear someone.
    54. 54 When you need to use the dryer in the bathroom, and someone else is using the dryer.
    55. 55 In bed.
    56. 56 When you are apologizing for saying sorry.

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