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19 Daily Struggles That Haunt Girls With Oily Skin

Please stop telling me how good I will look at 50.

1. When you get caught dabbing your face with toilet seat covers in the bathroom.

2. When you've just finished fighting the old zits... and the new zits arrive.


3. When people say, "But you're gonna look SO GOOD when you're old!"

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OK, but I look like a freaking teenager right now.

4. Knowing that the wrong makeup can make you look even more gross than you did before.

5. And if you fall asleep with any makeup on, you wake up feeling like the surface of a McDonald's griddle.

6. When your lotion claims to be "oil reducing," and you're greasy by 10:45 a.m.

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7. Getting bangs means creating a grease trap for your forehead.


"At least it hides the zits!" you tell yourself, like a liar.

8. It's nearly impossible for you wake up with totally clean hair.

9. When you can't concentrate on work/school/a Netflix binge because your face just feels so, so gross.


You can't touch it but dear god do you want to touch it.

10. You've definitely been desperate enough to use hand sanitizer as astringent.

11. When you're too tired to change your pillowcases, but you lay in bed thinking about how dirty they are.

12. When you blink and even your eyelids feel greasy and everything feels terrible.


How did grease even get there?!

13. When your period rolls around, and your acne spot treatment gel becomes a treatment for your whole face.

14. When some well-meaning person is like, "Well, if you only did [this thing that you've already tried]."

15. The only time you feel 100% clean is when you're masking.

16. When you're sitting still, but you feel yourself getting oiler. by. the. second.

17. When you wash your face before bed, but then you stay up too late... and you have to wash your face all over again.

18. When you take selfies... and you can see how shiny your skin is in them.

19. But when someone offers you a disposable cleansing cloth, you are instantly seduced.

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