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Christmas Then Vs. Now

When did Christmas become so much work and responsibility?!

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2. Christmas music, as a kid: There are a bunch of old Christmas songs that are OK, and then this one REALLY AWESOME MARIAH CAREY SONG.

As an adult: Seriously, how has NO ONE written another top 40 Christmas song in 20 years?


Beyonce drops new album in December with no catchy Christmas bangers, this is inexcusable. Please help us, Bey.

3. Buying presents, as a kid: Getting money from dad, so that you can buy a present for mom.


Everyone gets little stuff from the "Christmas store" that comes to your elementary school. Everything you buy everyone is adorable!

4. Christmas fears, as a child: Santa (or your parents) will figure out that bad thing you did, and Christmas will be utterly ruined.


Look, Santa: my 5 year old interest in dog poop is STRICTLY scientific. You know who else was shunned for their controversial work? GALILEO.


As an adult: Dying alone, or even worse, that your S.O. will realize that you are a bad thing for them, and break up with you right before Christmas.


You really wish they'd learned about your weird hobbies BEFORE you bought their present.

6. Decorations, as a kid: These go up a month or two early.


Your parents knew how long it took to put up all those damn decorations, so they wanted to get as much use out of them as possible.


As an adult: Waiting in line at the mall FOREVER for a new iPhone or to return a sweater. That's all you want, why is it so hard?

As an adult: I don't care who is dying, literally nothing is happening until coffee and food happens.

Look, kids: You're going to be much less mad about all the ugly sweaters you got if you open them up on full tummies.



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