Can We Guess Your ’90s Teen Celeb Crush?


    1. Shutterstock
      To the amusement park.
    2. To check out a beautiful library.
    3. Swing dancing.
    1. To the club.
    2. For a ride on his motorcycle.
    3. He’ll invite you to swim in his pool.
    1. A picnic in the park.
    2. A secret place you’ve never been before.
    3. Sailing.
    1. Shutterstock
      Gin and Tonic
    2. Miller High Life
    3. Shutterstock
      Dom Perignon
    1. Shutterstock
    2. Shutterstock
    3. A Screwdriver made with SunnyD
    1. Shutterstock
      Whiskey, neat
    2. Shutterstock
      Stout Beer
    3. Surge
    1. Shutterstock
      Cocker Spaniel
    2. Dalmatian
    3. Boxer
    1. A mutt
    2. Poodle
    3. Golden Retriever Puppy
    1. Husky
    2. Chocolate Lab
    3. Yorkshire Terrier
    1. Tattoo Chokers
    2. Baby Tees
    3. Jean Jackets
    1. Body Glitter
    2. Sunflower Hats
    3. Butterfly Clips
    1. Platform Sneakers
    2. Paramount
      Spaghetti Strap Tank Tops
    3. Frosty Lipstick

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