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21 Reasons Why Bunnies Are Actually The Best Pets

There are dog people, cat people, and then there are bun people.

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1. Bunnies are somehow even fuzzier than kitties.

They also live for alfalfa. It is their chocolate.

2. And they can be incredibly patient with children... even ones who are annoying them.


4. And they look even cuter when they are drinking.

9. They can be such affectionate little guys.

Or they love the taste of salt on your face. Either one. Bunnies love to keep you guessing!

10. Sometimes they can even be taken out on adorable little harnesses.

But sometimes not. Rabbits can have very strong opinions about harnesses. And they won't hesitate to tell you what they don't like.

12. A rabbit's hutch can actually be really beautiful looking.

13. And they can be even sweeter when they are in bonded pairs.

As long as they are pairs that are well-suited to getting along.

14. They are preciously awkward.

Bunny feet + slippery floor= <3 <3 <3


17. Because they are oh so curious about the world around them.

Which means they require the same amount of supervision as toddlers.

18. They are adorable when they stretch!

19. They are very very clean.

They remember to wash behind their ears . <3 <3 <3 <3