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    Posted on Nov 25, 2014

    21 Adorable Plus-Size Holiday Party Dresses Under $100

    Black Friday is coming. GET READY.

    Kristin Chirico for BuzzFeed / Modcloth

    1. Skater Dress With Tutu Skirt, $66.33, ASOS Curve

    Rejoice! It's a tutu skirt that doesn't make you look like a five-year-old. Instead, this is classy with just a lil' bit of whimsy.

    2. Lady Love Song Dress in Emerald Velvet, $89.99, Modcloth

    Hello, this is the dress your hips have been waiting for all year long! Also available in merlot, because god is good.

    3. Twinkling at Twilight Dress in Grey, Plum, or Champagne, $84.99, Modcloth

    There is literally a beautiful color for everybody -- and the detail is so blingy and cute. Plus, if you would rather do the little black dress thing, this is also available in noir.

    4. Gild Me Up Dress, $79.99, Modcloth

    Love the nipped-in waist. While the neckline is perfect for pretty jewelry, this is also perfect if you don't want to go too over the top with the sparkles.

    5. Sweetheart Splice Dress, $30.98, Torrid

    Super simple, super chic -- and a little bit of ruching to flatter your curves.

    6. Red Carpet Romance Dress, $64.99, Modcloth

    This is a pretty holiday dress that can also be your valentine's day dress, if you're trying to stretch your dollars -- and it's ON SALE. GET IT, GIRL.

    7. Receiving Line Dress in Navy, $89.99, Modcloth

    Perfect if you're into something more full-length, plus the bodice has such pretty and sparkly details. And it's available up to size 32 (and also in emerald)!

    8. Skater Dress With Bow Back, $42.62, ASOS Curve

    This is a good LBD option if you're more of an A-Line kind of girl. Also, the bow in the back is so, so cute.

    9. Eyelash-Lace Combo Dress, $27.90, Forever 21

    This is a good choice if you want to go pretty without having to be sparkly. Plus, pair it with a blazer, and you can wear it to work!

    10. Shift Dress In Cage Mesh, $75.80, ASOS Curve

    ASOS Curve / Via

    The cute overlay (and pretty color) keeps this shift dress from just being ordinary.

    11. Metallic Fit & Flare Party Dress, 46.90, Wet Seal

    This dress is a good compromise if you've got a fancy event to attend, but you'd much rather be wearing jeans.

    12. Strike a Juxtapose Dress, $84.99, Modcloth

    The cute high neckline makes this dress stand out -- perfect for an updo!

    13. Sequined Fit & Flare Dress, $27.90, Forever 21

    Great if you want to do the little black dress thing, but still want to feel glammed-up for the holidays.

    14. A Lace To Call My Own Dress, $29.99, Fashion To Figure

    Lace overlay + sweetheart neckline = a big winner every time.

    15. Indigo All Out Dress, Modcloth, $79.99

    Sequins! Sleeves! Plus, there's a little keyhole in the back that is cute as hell.

    16. Crepe Shift Dress in bluish, $69.99, Violeta by Mango

    This is perfect if you are craving something beautiful and simple that you can DEFINITELY wear again and again. Dress it up with some heels and jewelry for a party, dress it down with booties for work later.

    17. Midnight Mambo Dress in Shadow, $89.99, Modcloth

    If jewel tones and dark colors aren't your thing, this super soft and romantic-looking dress might just be your jam. Plus, the little brooch on the bodice gives the dress a little bit of bling.

    18. Chevron-Patterned & Chiffon Maxi Dress, $32.90, Forever 21

    Love the chiffon, love the sparkly chevron pattern, love how soft and flowy it looks -- this is the dress to get if you have a pair of shoes you want to show off!

    19. Plum Kind Of Wonderful Dress, $89.99, Modcloth

    Pretty color, plus the one shoulder lace overlay makes it super special and fancy for the holidays.

    20. Metal Bib Peplum Dress, $27.90, Forever 21

    Don't have enough money for a dress and for accessories? Here is a dress that basically already comes with a built-in necklace, which will make you mad efficient.

    21. Belted Pencil Dress, $68.50, Torrid

    If you have been dreaming of channeling Mad Men all year: this is the dress for you. It also comes in black!

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