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    Adorable Dad Turns His Daughters' Lunches Into Works Of Art

    His artwork is literally bananas.

    Jurgen Steenwelle is not content to just write messages on lunch bags for his two daughters, oh no. He also does extensive doodles on the bananas packed in his daughter's lunches, transforming the fruits into other things entirely.

    He draws penguins...

    And airplanes...

    And surprisingly realistic ducks...

    Spongebob Squarepants:

    He even takes advantage of the colors in underripe bananas:

    There are zippers with an absurd amount of detail:

    A puppy you might feel bad about eating...

    Even his simple banana modifications are incredibly clever:

    A wizard with a hat that probably took FOREVER.

    This is a dad who is seriously dedicated to making his two girls smile.

    H/t to HP / De Tijd.