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    French Speakers Hilariously Discuss What French T-Shirts Actually Say

    "Americans will buy anything as long as it's written in French."

    As any person shopping for women's clothing will tell you: T-shirts with French writing are every. where.

    But have you ever wondered what actual French speakers think of these shirts?

    To get some perspective, we asked two native French-speaking BuzzFeed staffers — Marie, who is from France, and Amaury, who is from Belgium — what they think about some French T-shirts made for English-speaking people.

    They both had some very strong opinions.

    1. Le Arte Graphic Cami, Forever 21

    2. Paris Graphic Tee, Forever 21

    3. Reason Oversize Boyfriend T-Shirt With Parlez Vous Brunch Print, ASOS

    4. Cropped V-Neck T-Shirt in Texture With French Print, ASOS

    5. Love More Graphic Pocket Tee, Forever 21

    6. Je Ne Heathered Tee, Forever 21

    7. Dreamer Slub Knit Top, Forever 21

    8. Chouchou Graphic Tee, Forever 21

    9. Sundry Sweatshirt — Ma Maison C'est La Plage, Bloomingdales

    10. French Graphic Longline T

    11. Slub Knit La Musique Top, Forever 21

    12. Paris Metallic Tank Top, Forever 21

    13. Adore Le Rose Tee, Forever 21

    14. Obey Ruine Cropped Top, Urban Outfitters

    15. Semis Erudie Tank Top, Urban Outfitters

    16. Jersey Top With Printed Design, H&M

    17. Th Gallery T-Shirt With La Vie En Belle Print, ASOS

    Shirt says: "Très Chère"

    English Translation: "Very Dear"

    Amaury: [This means] "Dear," or "Very dear."

    Marie Yeah, it's the type of thing an old posh woman from the west of Paris would say to her lady friends when they're talking about their upcoming bridge game.

    Amaury: The 20th century called. People start their messages with “Where are you?!” now.

    19. Purple French Print T-Shirt, River Island

    20. White Stripe French Print Fitted T-Shirt, River Island

    21. The French Tee, Ktag NYC

    Did you guys have any final thoughts on the wonderful world of French T-shirts for English-speaking people?

    Amaury: If you are gonna wear a T-shirt with a message all day, make sure you understand what it says first.

    Marie: And French people judge you.

    Amaury: Totally.

    Marie: If you want to look cool in France, embrace your American coolness.

    Amaury: Paris people look at NYC with the same eyes [that] U.S. people look at Paris with. Grass is always greener...

    Kristin: The subways are always more covered in pee on the other side, am I right?

    Amaury: Well, the Paris subway network is basically a 100-mile-long underground place covered with white tiles. Sometimes, people might mix it up with a different place.