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27 Things Clumsy People Simply Cannot Do

Can't be trusted to remain upright.

1. Can't handle curbs.

2. Can't dance.

3. Can't move ten feet without accidentally taking another object with you.

4. Can't wear high heels without looking like a doofus.

It is the world's fastest way to end up on the ground.

5. Can't go around with untied shoes.

6. Can't get on or off a bus gracefully.

7. Can't go too long without acquiring some kind of evil-looking bruise.

8. Can't cope with uneven sidewalks.

9. Can't even begin to deal with snow.

10. Can't try to sit on furniture without somehow landing on your butt.

11. Cannot cross any icy surfaces and expect to end up where you set out to go.

12. Can't navigate stairs with dignity.

13. Can't keep your knees from looking busted.

14. Can't handle loose rugs.

15. Cannot successfully trampoline.

16. Can't really stay on top of a bike.

17. Definitely cannot meaningfully contribute to a sports team.

18. Can't eat without dropping food all over yourself.

19. Can't shake hands during a job interview without awkwardly juggling all the stuff you brought with you.

20. Can't use an escalator without stumbling at least once.

21. Can't really be trusted around wet floors.

22. Can't deal with the responsibility that comes with sitting on an exercise ball.

23. Can't even dream of tying to high five someone.

24. Can't open containers without getting everything all over the place.

25. Can't walk in a straight line, even while sober.

26. Can't tilt backwards in your chair without falling out of it.

“@kennedyyhaynes: Few things are funnier than seeing someone fall backwards out of a chair #peeingmahpants”

27. Can't really exist in a world with gravity.