14 Things No One Tells You About Wedding Dress Shopping

    You're gonna find more than one dress that feels like "the one," sorry!

    1. Even a fun dress shopping appointment with zero drama can be emotionally exhausting.

    2. You are not a failure if you go to a wedding dress shopping appointment and don't like anything there.

    3. You might not get ~Special Magical Feelings!~ when you put on the winning dress.

    4. There is actually more than one "perfect dress" for you.

    5. Unlike on TV shows, the people you bring dress shopping with you may not want to tell you which dress to pick...and it can be super frustrating.

    6. Your dream dress might look really weird on the hanger.

    7. There's a good chance that the dress you *think* you'll look best in is actually your least favorite.

    8. In fact, if you're convinced that you have to find a dress in a certain silhouette for your body, it may make finding the perfect dress much harder.

    9. Don't get super fixated on trying to find a cheaper copy of a more expensive dress.

    10. Just because you like a dress when you're standing on the little modeling pedestal doesn't mean you'll like it when you've stepped off.

    11. Sometimes it's easier to just go dress shopping alone.

    12. Make sure you're happy with how your dress looks on you from the side, because there are gonna be a LOT of photos of you from the side.

    13. You may feel regret about the dress you choose. This is normal, and it doesn't mean anything!

    14. You might even feel regret about your dress AFTER your wedding. Unfortunately, you are wrong. You made the right choice.