13 Dog/Bird Mashups That You Wish Were Real

This Sparrow-Pug is disturbing levels of cute.

1. This Pug-Hawk wants to be your friend. so. darn. much.

Arne Olav / Via imgur.com

2. This Beagle-Too is basically the ultimate guard dog.

“Oh, don’t mind my beak, Mr. Intruder, it’s just terrifying and at crotch height.”

3. That goes double for this Rooster-Hound.

It’s all the dead-eyed terror of a rooster, except faster.

4. I Beagle-lieve this dog can flyyyy.

I Beagle-lieve that he can touch the sky.

5. Terrier-Hawk is the crime-fighting sidekick you want and need.

6. Look, Terrier-Bird just wants you to love him forever, OK?

Witte Molen / Via twentytwowords.com


7. Sparrow-Pug would eat much less than a real pug.

8. Could you even imagine what a Fox-Robin would say?!

9. Husky-Hummingbird would be the bestest guarder of flowers, ever.

10. Think of the adorbs tartan sweaters you could make for Scottie-Blackbird.

Witte Molen / Via twentytwowords.com

11. Blue-Bulldog would have the most wonderful plumage.

12. Even cuter than one dog-bird is two dog-birds WHO ARE FRIENDS.

13. Dauchshund-Robin knows you don’t think he’s a real thing, but he’ll be your friend, anyway.

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