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    12 Of The Best Ways To Quit Your Job

    You may not be willing to throw panties around a Victoria's Secret, but these people are!

    We recently asked members of BuzzFeed's Community to let us know the best way that they've ever quit a job. These were some of the most delightful, hilarious, and slow-clappingly great ways that anyone could take their job and shove it.


    "I worked at Victoria's Secret in a mall during Christmas. After many incidences of being scheduled against my availability, I was told if I didn't clock in within one hour, I'd be fired. I walked into work, smiled at the manager, scooped as many panties off the table as my arms could carry, and made it rain undies all over the store. My intention to act cool quickly gave way to my excitement over what I just did. I looked at the managers shocked face, smiled sweetly, and said, "I quit. Thanks for the job, though", and walked out."

    -- Submitted by miekob



    "I took the weekend off to go to a Hanson concert and never returned."

    -- Submitted by jenm18


    "My last day in a call center for a bank I took every single one of my calls doing an Arnold Schwarzenegger impression. Someone who called was unable to log in to their online banking profile and I just yelled, "You can't log in? Well, why not?!" That day was the most fun I had ever had at that job."

    -- Submitted by Patrick Cullen via Facebook


    "Before heading off to college I finally got to quit my job as a delivery driver at Jimmy Johns. On my last day I walked in with a cookie cake that said "I quit!" and handed it to my boss."

    -- Submitted by emilyc4bbb17c6c


    "I worked at a toy store one summer, and I was treated like a child by customers, even though I was 19 at the time. I asked my boss for two weeks for a day off and he refused and refused until finally I decided to quit. I walked in one day, knocked over a display of toy trains I had set up the day before and yelled "This Train's left the station," and walked out."

    -- Submitted by tylerk411047126


    "In college I worked as a nanny to several families. I had never had a family that I didn't get along with until family P came along. The mom was insane/a compulsive liar. She would say she was going to work, but would go and spend the day shopping instead. She didn't want her husband to know about her shopping habits so she would order things from gucci, LV etc & my job was to take the box home with me from UPS, unpack it and then place items in her closet the next day.

    The last straw was when I showed up 5 minutes late because traffic was bad. She stood outside screaming at me in the driveway about how irresponsible I was. She then threw her baby into my arms and stormed off into the house, grabbed her keys & went to Starbucks. When she came back, I looked her straight in the eyes & in a hushed tone said "you don't scream at people to get your way. I thought I was caring for one child, but apparently it was for two." Her mouth dropped open, I grabbed my purse and left. I still got a brand new Gucci bag out of it because she couldn't face me to get it back!"

    -- Submitted by kelseyc43414e861


    "At subway, quit mid-sandwich."

    -- Submitted by jimbroadfield


    "I shared a computer with my lab assistant, who was not only the oblivious sort, but also a huge source of my work stress. I gave my boss my two weeks' notice, then started a countdown by changing the background images on the shared computer: ten penguins, the Ninth Doctor, eight puppies, the Seven Dwarves, a scene from the Sixth Sense, a screen capture from a Pentatonix music video, Four from Divergent, three French hens, the Carlson Twins, and a zen sand garden with a single stone. He was surprised when I said goodbye on my last day, and told him I wasn't coming back."

    -- Submitted by Bradley Tavares via Facebook


    "I threw my store key at the general manager after she threw a bag of pepperoni at me. I then walked out. Twist: I got rehired, transferred and leveled up with a pay raise 2 days later."

    -- Submitted by jeffreyw4333d27f2


    "I was a waitress at one of those little family owned restaurants in my hometown... After countless bouts with my boss over everything from pay to manners, high school me decided to quit. It was the one year anniversary and my boss was being served a complimentary meal by the wait staff (during normal working hours in the normal dining hall) there was cake, pastries, and about ten million other things that we served to him but weren't allowed to eat. I waited for the busiest time, then threw a jelly filled doughnut as hard as I could at his face. Not only did I get fired, I also got grounded for three months. The restaurant closed five months later."

    -- Submitted by toomanysmarfs


    "I gave a 2 day notice... as in.. hey Boss.. This sucks. Im giving you my 2 day notice.. I quit.. today."

    -- Submitted by Laura Walker via Facebook