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    10 Signs Your Team's Season Has Gone To Hell

    Coping with the death of your season can be a trying time.

    1. It's critical that you know every playoff scenario that might save your team from elimination, no matter how insane.

    2. No matter what you said two months ago, your franchise player is now the worst human being who has ever lived.

    3. Your coach is definitely getting fired*, for real this time.

    4. Next year's rookies are now as important, if not more important, than your 401k, or your children.

    5. Fantasy baseball starts to look like not such a terrible idea.

    6. You start referring to your team as a "young team."

    7. You start looking up your player's injuries on WebMD in the hopes that maybe they aren't that bad.

    8. You fantasize about your team deciding to just start the practice squad for the rest of the season.

    9. Desperately trying to replay your team's season on video games is important, because it proves that a championship is theoretically possible.

    10. Next year is absolutely, without question, going to be your year.