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    • kristinav5

      Distortion of the information is very common. Especially when US want to show Russia or other country in a specific light. It’s all coordinated and set up. I was watching a documentary about how revolutions or protests are being organized by some rich people in US who are seeking to destabilize situation in the countries that are not “with” US politics. There is a profession called professional protest organizer, this people are hired to organize a protest or revolution in a chosen country. It’s all planed, protesting people are being paid good money for taking part in the protest, certain people are chosen to be the focus of paparazzi attention and at the right moment the specific pictures are taken and then shown in the net. Like innocent women being attacked by police officer or something like that.
      I do think there is gay propaganda going on right now. Now being gay in US is “in fashion” same as being a vegetarian or something. There are people that are gay by birth, but there are some that are being seduced into it. There was a big scandal in Russia not long ago, where a Russian child was adopted by American women and then sold by her to a gay couple who sexually abused the child and were travelling around the world and selling him for money to other pedophiles. Now there is a law that prevents foreigners to adopt Russian kids, because it’s impossible to control what is going on with a child outside of the country.

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