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    20 Artists To See At Bonnaroo 2014

    Disclaimer: Kanye not included.

    1. BANKS

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    BANKS, the American-born, British-based singer is a MUST SEE. Check out her cover of Aaliyah's "Are You That Somebody?"

    2. The Preatures

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    The Preatures from Sydney, Australia opened up for Banks at SXSW 2014. The Classixx, also performing this year, did a remix of this song.

    3. Classixx

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    If you like a little funk, you'll like them.

    4. The Wild Feathers

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    Their Facebook describes them as, "They're like if Led Zeppelin & The Band had a baby in Joshua Tree that grew up listening to Ryan Adams covering the Stones 70's country influenced songs." Take away what you will.

    5. Rudimental

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    Rudimental won Best British single for this song at The Brits 2014 AND played onstage with Bastille at the same award show.

    6. Chance The Rapper

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    Currently one of the biggest hip hop acts in the scene. The Chicago native teamed up with James Blake. Prepare you ears and listen here:

    7. James Blake

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    He's a Londoner, electronic producer, and his soulful vocals will pull at your heartstrings. Just hope you experience the majesty of his track "The Wilhelm Scream."

    8. Vance Joy

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    "His lyrics will reach out to you and hold on for a moment." --That and if you follow him on Instagram, you will immediately fall in love. @vancejoy

    9. Dr. Dog

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    A retro rock band from Philly. They've been known to give killer shows that keep the crowd going. Be sure to listen to "These Days."

    10. Robert DeLong

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    His music samples from classic pop, folk, house, and dubstep. His last album 'Just Movement' came out in 2013.

    11. White Denim

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    An indie rock/punk hailing from Austin, Texas. Expect tons of energy and crunchy guitar riffs.

    12. CHVRCHES

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    There's been tons of buzz on the synth-pop trio. As of late, they covered Lorde's "Team" on BBC Radio 1.

    13. MS MR

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    One word: infectious. If you didn't know, they were on the “Game of Thrones” soundtrack with their single, “Bones.”

    14. Sam Smith

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    The name sounds familiar, right? Well he's the voice on Disclosure's "Latch", another act set to hit the stage at Bonnaroo. Are you getting chills listening to his voice and that cello?

    15. Thao & The Get Down Stay Down

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    Led by singer-songwriter Thao Nguyen, this band also has a rep for feisty live shows.

    16. King Khan & The Shrines

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    You can sense the psychedelic soul that propels this band. They just released a "road tape" you can find on their SoundCloud:

    17. Warpaint

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    All-female quartet you can catch at Coachella and ACL as well as Bonnaroo. They give off a mystical and dreamy vibe.

    18. Little Dragon

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    Dig this song? They just released their semi-new single, "Klapp, Klapp."

    19. Real Estate

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    Laid-back indie-rock band just released their third album "Atlas". Watch their music video for "Crime" that they creatively made it into a how-to video.

    20. Carolina Chocolate Drops

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    A string band coming together to give you bluegrass and folk music. Their combined talents on the jug, harmonica, banjo, and fiddle will be perfect this summer.

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