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She's Marrying An Albanian, We Didn't Think She'd Stay.

A Mixed Cultural Wedding Gone Right

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Growing up watching movies and wondering about the American wedding scene and wondering if it was really like that was always on my mind. I have never been to an American wedding. I come from an Albanian family and for those Albanian people out there you know the deal... Albanians marry Albanians. Well my brother didn't and listening to the awkward Holy S%#£ moments were funny AS F%#*. TBH in the beginning I thought this was going to be just a fling. "She's American, she won't stick around." She did stick around. And my brother walked around with his middle finger up and made her his wife. The wedding planning…well let’s just say the planning went a little like this: Weekly dinner dates with the Albanian in laws, which for the most part they spent disagreeing. Food and WHO TO INVITE were the first things on the list, especially the guest list (the most important). An Albanian wedding can have anywhere between 300-900 people. Their engagement party alone had 400 guests. In the Albanian world not inviting someone to your wedding is like the WORST THING EVER!! Like EVER. You should basically consider yourself disowned or de-friended even if you are not close to that person/family. Seriously what's the big deal? Stay home but no it doesn't work that way. And Americans will never understand the importance of inviting your dad's uncle's wife's sister in laws son with his kids, whom you probably never even met. The face on my sister-in-law was priceless when trying to explain this to her. Also in the Albanian world there is no best man and maid of honor. When you are born you already have a set of godparents for your children and these people will be the maid of honor and best man (which is not the title in Albanian). Also they must be married unlike in America it is no EFFING big deal if the maid of honor and best man are married, brother and sister or one of them is a dog. They had both sets walk in, making everyone happy.

Food was next to being crossed off the list once they had figured out who was coming. First thing on the menu, MEAT MEAT AND MORE MEAT! Remember that scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding where the aunt says she's going to make Lamb, that's us too. LOL… There is supposed to be lots of lamb and Meze, which means appetizers. This includes more meat, lots of cheese, and bread. Buk e djath (bread and cheese) is life! Well I actually don't remember what the hell I ate at this wedding, but I do remember the menu listing a bunch of fancy effing food, so good job to my sis- in- law.

Mixing cultures can be a fun, exciting, and nerve-reckoning experience from an outside perspective. As a sister who always followed the rules, this was something I never would have expected. I mean I knew my dad would take it easier than my mom being the somewhat hippie that he is, but watching my mom was the funniest. I mean at this point I think she loves my sister in law more than my brother but the disagreements in the beginning was like watching a scene from bridal wars or something. In the end it turned out to be the best wedding I have ever been to and I'm not saying that because it was my brothers, but being a part of a mixed cultured celebration was what I always saw in the movies... champagne and lots of love.

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