Celebrity Weight Loss Commercials: The Good, The Bad And The Weird

    Charles Barkley in a dress? Charles Barkley in a dress.


    Charles Barkley shows weight loss isn’t just for the ladies.

    In this Weight Watchers ad, Sir Charles isn’t afraid to let it all hang out, and proves that shedding a few pounds is actually hella manly.

    Take that, gender stereotypes!

    Mariah Carey busts out of her Jenny Craig cocoon.

    This commercial is literally nothing more than a sexy lady ripping through sparkly fabric to slowly reveal her svelte new Jenny-approved body.

    First a rockin’ arm…

    Then a sultry leg…

    Then a flat tummy…

    Then we see it’s actually Mimi!

    And we are buying whatever she’s selling with that bod.

    Let’s just forget that whole singing disaster ever happened, and bask in her glory.

    Jennifer Hudson shows off her cute new figure for Weight Watchers. Nothing more, nothing less.

    J-Hud’s WW success story is one for the books, and she knows it.

    Girl knows how to work her way around a pizza shop and still look damn good.

    Kirstie Alley struts her stuff for Jenny Craig.

    The Cheers star has had a very public battle with her weight throughout the years.

    But she’s never let a few pounds get in the way of a good dance number.

    Or a backflip…?

    THE BAD!

    Jessica Simpson fails to inspire with a series of close-ups for Weight Watchers.

    Unlike Mariah and J-Hud, Jessica didn’t seem to get the memo that you have to actually show you’ve lost weight to sell a weight loss product.

    Jason Alexander strips for Jenny Craig.

    George Costanza would be mortified.

    It keeps getting worse…

    No, not the butt shake!

    Get ready for the money shot…

    Jared Fogle gives Sad Keanu a run for his money.

    Remember the guy who lost a ton of weight by only eating Subway sandwiches?

    Well in this ad, he goes through his daily routine, all by his lonesome.

    The people at Subway know him so well he doesn’t even have to order.

    And to top it all off, Jared chows down on a park bench, completely and utterly alone.


    A thin J-Hud sings a duet with her former, chubby self.

    It starts out with some old footage of the Jennifer we fell in love with on American Idol singing Whitney Houston’s “I Believe In You And Me.”

    But then she notices someone coming in from the wings…

    It’s... herself?

    What would Simon and Paula have said about this Twilight Zone moment?

    Sure, the image shows off how far J-Hud has come in her weight loss journey.

    But boy, is it a weird way to do it.

    Ana Gasteyer makes a bunch of men do her dirty work.

    Who show her the merits of going sleeveless…

    Who teach her about the app…

    And carry around all her electronics so she can track efficiently...

    Jared Fogle becomes the pied piper of Subway.

    Because this guy followed Jared’s lead.

    And this lady loves a good $5 footlong.

    And this guy took the Subway diet to the next level...

    Jared led the whole land to the wonder of Subway sandwiches.

    If you build it, they will come.