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A Brief History Of Vanessa The Stalker’s Shameless Celebrity Photography

All’s fair in love and hunting famous people.

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Even if it means she has to take every opportunity to accost unsuspecting celebs at a moment’s notice.

Shame has no place in celebrity stalking.

Like that time she posed with Travis Barker...and his kids…?

Or when Slash was just not having it.

No backdrop is too awkward.

Greetings from O-Townia!


No photo too candid.

Leven Rambin just wanted to whip her hair back and forth.

Even her definition of “celebrity” is pretty loose.

The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man totally counts, though.

She doesn’t care if you look like a ghost.

Can someone take Alice Cooper on a tropical vacation?

Or if you’re dressed like a Pink Lady from Grease.

Or if you have something stuck in your teeth.

And she certainly doesn’t care if you have no idea what’s going on.

Ozzy Osbourne never knows what’s going on, though.

She doesn’t even care if you’re not facing the camera.

That’s Cher inside that neon green hood!

Or if she’s caught mid-blink!

Letting yourself look bad in photos is true commitment to the celeb selfie cause.


As long as you’re a celebrity and sort of within the frame, we think Vanessa would call it a success.

In fact, car selfies is a tactic she uses...

No really, there are so many car selfies.

The celeb selfie counts as double if you lock in a photobomb!

10 points to Justin Long!


And sometimes, she provides a little context which can be useful.


Other times, it’s the lack of context that makes the shot.

Is she spooning with Zefron?

The paps have caught her in the act a few times.

Sometimes her celeb subjects don’t always know they’re in the photo.

Steve Buscemi has places to be, okay?

Jeff Bridges has no problem being straight up creeped on.

But it’s always far less weird if they’re in on it.

Jeff Bridges also loves taking selfies!

But no matter how many celeb selfies she has…

Never stop stalking, Vanessa!

Bruno Mars believes in you!