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Fall Skin Care Basics

The seasonal weather change can leave skin feeling dry, sensitive, and itchy. Here are some basic rules that help keep your skin hydrated and protected from environmental conditions.

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The start of fall means saying goodbye to the warmth of summer and hello to cooler temperatures, harsher winds, and drying indoor heating. The seasonal weather change can leave skin feeling dry, sensitive, and itchy. Fall skin care should be focused on keeping skin well hydrated and protected from environmental conditions. It is pretty complicated to choose a right way to protect your skin. Using a humectant like a shielding lotion provides skin with unbeatable hydration and protection. Scientifically advanced ingredients work with skin to strengthen the skin's natural barrier, protecting against weather conditions and other environmental irritants.

Fall skin care tips for soft skin

Fall is the time to get ready for winter by nurturing and revitalizing skin that suffered through summer abuse of sun exposure, chlorine, and salt water.

* Detoxifying is a great way to jump-start your fall skin care routine. There are several detox methods you can incorporate into your lifestyle; dry brushing, sea salt scrubs, seaweed and algae soaks, clay masques, body wraps, saunas and exercise are good basics. They open pores, stimulate circulation, and help the body eliminate toxins.

* Replace body and facial washes that contain harsh soaps that dry skin with natural moisturizing washes that won't damage skin.

* Exfoliating helps to remove tired, old, dry skin cells, revealing healthy, vibrant skin. A good exfoliating scrub should contain gentle, natural ingredients that won't damage skin. If you can't find one without harsh ingredients, consider making your own at home.

* Staying moisturized now will help keep ashy winter skin from appearing during the colder months. Your skin has a natural layer of protection that keeps harsh irritants out and your own natural moisture in. When this layer gets disturbed or damaged--by weather, washing, chemicals or toxins--your skin will dry out and age faster. Take a tip from dermatologists; instead of a conventional moisturizer use a shielding lotion. It keeps your skin's protective layer intact so your skin stays smooth and firm.

Fall skin care recipes

This ultra-moisturizing face mask is perfect to help skin recover from summer and get ready for fall and winter.

* Peel 1/4 cucumber and puree in a blender. Don't leave it in there too long - heat tends to destroy nutrients.

* Remove the cucumber from the blender and add:

* 1 tablespoon of plain yogurt and

* 2 tablespoons of whole leaf aloe Vera gel

* Apply the mixture to your face and neck and leave on for 15 minutes. Wash off with warm, pure water and then rinse with cold water to close the pores.

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