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3 Ways Humans F#ck Up Their Happiness & How To Fix It

Humans are the only species that can think about the future because of our developed frontal lobe which allows our brains wonder, and think of the world in ways that it is not. The book Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Gilbert, explores the nature of happiness itself and the numerous psychological illusions that tend to distort our perception of joy. Here are three ways that you can fix the ways that humans already mess their happiness up.

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1. Accepting your Past

How we are feeling in the present affects how we remember the past and because we compare the past vs. the possible, we believe mistakes in the past will affect our options in the future. We remember the end of events way more than the middle and beginning, which is why our memories of the past are f#cked up.

2. Outsmarting your Brain

Just like the optic nerve being our blind-spot, our brain also acts as a “blind spot.” It only stores important negative information about a memory because it will later fill it in with over-emphasized positive aspects. When it comes to the future, we tend to overthink what it will be. However, our  imagination has a hard time telling us how we will think about the future when we get there.

3. Creating your Future

Why can't we learn from our past experiences to better predict and change the future? Our false view of happiness, and what gives us happiness, is a product of our questions about everything. Naturally we create “what if’s” in our head that hold us back from reaching our future goals and creating happiness.

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