6 Money-Saving (And Money-Making) Hacks You Should Try Today

    These can really add up.

    As a freelance journalist and consultant, my monthly income can vary widely depending on the month and amount of work I get.

    I’ve always been frugal – growing up I kept my money locked in a brown wooden box – but now I spend money on items and experiences rather than things, most. I also tend to save in various ways. Here are my money-saving and money-making hacks that I’ve learned over the years:

    1. Get iced coffee from the grocery store.

    2. Keep a spreadsheet of what you spend and earn each month and your bank account total.

    3. Cut cable.

    4. Have a drink at home before going out on the town.

    5. File for class-action settlements.

    6. Create a manual, guide, or e-book and sell online for passive income.

    Use these little tips and tricks and hopefully you’ll be seeing some extra green wherever and (however) you save your money!