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    5 Ways Breckenridge, Colorado Blossomed From Ski Town To Mountain Destination

    Sure, you know about Breckenridge as a ski destination. But if that's all you know, you're selling this place short.

    1. Must-Travel-For Events

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    Ever wanted to wear a Viking helmet and dance in the streets? Or maybe a polar plunge is more your style?

    Good news! Ullr Fest in Breckenridge, CO gives you the chance to do all those things! For over 55 years, the folks in Breck have paid tribute to Ullr, the Norse god of snow. From the town-wide snow dance complete with a Main Street parade to the Ullr Ice Plunge, Ullr Fest is something you can't get just anywhere.

    Ever wanted to be part of a world record? You can do that too - unofficially. Although Guinness doesn't recognize alcohol-related records, it hasn't stopped Breckenridge Distillery from trying. In 2018, shots were poured for 1,266 people on 422 skis that spanned 2,128.3 feet. That's longer than Main Street! Don't worry though, that's what U-turns are for!

    The 2019 event takes place January 9-12.

    If something a little artsy is more your scene, try the 29th Annual International Snow Sculpture Championships on January 21. Accomplished snow artists transform 25-ton blocks of snow into an outdoor art gallery. Five days and 65 hours of competition reveal some of the most beautiful pieces of art you've ever seen made from snow.

    2. Foody Scene

    3. Non-Ski Activities

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    You've probably heard of Breckenridge as a ski destination, but there's plenty to do even in the winter that doesn't involve skis or a snowboard. From snowmobile tours and snowshoeing to visiting the world's highest distillery (the aforementioned Breckenridge Distillery), there's something for everyone in your group.

    4. Arts Scene

    5. Summer & Fall

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    As they say in Colorado, you'll come for the winter but you'll stay for the summer. I speak from experience.

    Hiking is my personal favorite, a treat in the summer thanks to the mild temperatures and only enhanced in the fall by the golden Aspen trees that cover seemingly every mountainside. There's also fly-fishing on the Blue River, paddling down Brown's Canyon or exploring 100s of miles of singletrack.

    No matter what time of year you visit, Breck will deliver an adventure.