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9 Reasons Benson & Lexi Are BFFs

Meet Benson and Lexi. Two rescues who through the act of being adopted quickly became best friends! Find out why. (Benson is the fluffy white boy, and Lexi is the white and brown girl).

1. They nap together in their matching Pottery Barn beds.

Instagram: @kristi.bielewicz

And yes, those beds are customized with their names.

2. Benson's perfect form balances out Lexi's awkward sitting.

Instagram: @kristi.bielewicz

Seriously though, look at that awkward sitting...Close your legs girl!

3. They're both all about that pool life.

Instagram: @kristi.bielewicz

Just kidding, they both literally hate the water, hence the rafts.

4. Together they make the ultimate begging team.

Instagram: @kristi.bielewicz

How can you say no???

5. Even after a long night of drinking, they recover together.

Instagram: @kristi.bielewicz

Disclosure: the dogs are just lazy, not hungover.

6. They both understand the importance of a well-made, custom bandana.

Instagram: @kristi.bielewicz

Bandanas by @donzimade --

7. When it comes to #tongueouttuesday, they have things covered.

8. They love a good staring contest.

Instagram: @kristi.bielewicz

While holding paws, of course.

9. When their beds are out of reach, they use each other instead.

True friendships are hard to find.

Instagram: @kristi.bielewicz

But Benson and Lexi were lucky to find one another!


Instagram: @kristi.bielewicz

For even more of this cuteness, follow them on Instagram @scruffy.lexi and @benson.doodle

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