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See these 31 pictures from India by Kristian Bertel - India a world in herself, geographically distinct and culturally varied.

1. Man in Varanasi, India.

2. Jodhpur, India.

3. Woman in Delhi, India.

4. Man in Delhi, India.

5. Bus passengers in Delhi, India.

6. Varanasi, India.

7. Woman in Varanasi, India.

8. Man in Varanasi, India.

9. Man in Varanasi, India.

10. Man in Varanasi, India.

11. Man and child in Delhi, India.

12. Man in Varanasi, India.

13. Boy near Pali, India.

14. Woman in Varanasi, India.

15. Man in Delhi, India.

16. Woman in Delhi, India.

17. Man in Delhi, India.

18. Taj Mahal in Agra, India.

19. Man in Delhi, India.

20. Woman in Varanasi, India.

21. Man in Varanasi, India.

22. Woman in Udaipur, India.

23. Woman in Delhi, India.

24. People in Varanasi, India.

25. Woman in Varanasi, India.

26. Man in Varanasi, India.

27. Man in New Delhi, India.

28. Man in Delhi, India.

29. Man in Delhi, India.

30. Young man in Jaipur, India.

31. Man in Jaipur, India.

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