Here's A Definitive Ranking Of Every "Greenleaf" Character, And You Can't Change My Mind

    "Good morning, Calvary!"

    If you've been watching Greenleaf from the start, then you know how wild the ride has been. Ever since Grace returned home, I've been anxiously tuned in to see how this family will manage leading a church while dealing with problems of their own.

    The characters are spiritual but also well balanced and realistic, so I've decided to rank them from worst to best, taking into account their good intentions.

    26. Judee Whitmore

    Valerie Jane Parker holds a clutch purse while facing the right

    25. Bob Whitmore

    Beau Bridges squinting his eyes and looking straight ahead

    24. Jabari Johnson

    Sean Dominic's body is turned while his hand rests on the piano

    23. Rochelle Cross

    LeToya Luckett smirks with hoop earrings and bold lipstick

    22. Jacob Greenleaf

    Lamman Rucker looks surprised in his tuxedo and tie

    21. Connie Sykes

    Jen Harper outside a house, looking toward the entrance while another character is walking away

    20. Charity Greenleaf

    Deborah Joy Winans looks straight ahead as if she will cry

    19. Nikki

    Kadianne Whyte looks down with a zip-up jacket

    18. Basie Skanks

    Jason Dirden looks worried in a dark office

    17. Kevin Satterlee

    Tye White sits in a sanctuary with a cell phone in his hands

    16. Tasha Skanks

    Asia'h Epperson sits in the passenger seat of a convertible car

    15. Dante

    14. Mavis McCready

    Oprah squints her eyes and looks outward across a bar

    13. Bishop James Greenleaf

    Keith David stands on the pulpit with his palms open and facing up

    12. A.J. Delajae

    Jacob Gibson tilts his head to the side while standing in the center of the room

    11. Phil DeMars

    Sean Blakemore looks mischievous with arms by his side, standing in front of double doors

    10. Noah and Isabel

    Benjamin Patterson and Anna Diop stand together, smiling in a sanctuary

    9. Lady Mae Greenleaf

    Lynn Whitfield sits on the pulpit in a chair, with her face slightly tense

    8. Aaron Jeffries

    William H. Bryant Jr. sits on the edge of a couch, leaning forward in mid-speech

    7. Kerissa Greenleaf

    Kim Hawthorne wears a decorative hat while seated at a round table

    6. Sophia Greenleaf

    Desiree Ross sits on the edge of the bed while speaking to another character whose face is not revealed

    5. Zora Greenleaf

    Lovie Simone looks slightly surprised as someone walks toward her

    4. Darius Nash

    Rick Fox leans forward as if to kiss his scene partner, or whisper something in their ear

    3. Karine

    Chevonne Hughes looks to the right with a background of flowers behind her head

    2. Carlton Cruise

    Parnell Damone Marcano looks worried while sitting in the office with his hands folded

    1. Grace Greenleaf

    Merle Dandridge stands in the center of a room with a slightly tense facial expression