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18 "Doctor Who" Moments That Prove Yaz Is The Best Companion

Yaz has my ❤️❤️

Yasmin Khan may be entering her final chapter on Doctor Who, but her legacy will live on as one of the most memorable characters in the show's long history.

Here are 18 of Yaz's best moments:

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Seasons 11-13.

18. When she told the Doctor like it is.

Yaz and thirteen hanging upside down and handcuffed while Yaz says this is all the thirteen's fault but thirteen says, what do you mean
Yaz explaining that blowing up droid guards when trying to go unnoticed was the fault

17. When she gave Thirteen a run for her money copiloting the TARDIS.

Yaz messing with the computer to get exact trajectory
yaz holding a hammer and asking if this is the final adjustment

16. When she finally realized how she felt about the Doctor.

Dan telling Yaz that they noticed how she felt about the doctor
Yaz stumbling over her words
Yaz finally telling Dan that she doesn't know what to do because she's never told anyone, not ever herself
Dan telling Yaz just to tell the Doctor how she feels

15. When she wrote an important reminder on her hand — What would the Doctor do?

Yaz looking down at her hand that has WWTDD written on the palm
Yaz saying that she can do it and that's why she's here

14. When she called out the Doctor's fashion sense.

Yaz stopping thirteen on the street
Yaz telling thirteen that she needs to get out of her clothes

13. And when she called out Dan's fashion sense.

Yaz and Dan walking up to someone as Yaz says, "sorry about his outfit"

12. When she couldn't stop watching this hologram the Doctor left for her, and they had this sweet conversation.

the hologram saying, "i'm sure I miss you" and when Yaz says, "miss you too" the hologram answers, "I know you do"
the hologram thirteen saying "i hope you said i miss you too or else that bits weird'

11. When the Doctor was MIA, so Yaz took charge to save her.

someone telling Yaz that there's a dead waiter in the cabin so Yaz tells him to roll him under the bed for now
Dan saying under the bed is where he sleeps so Yaz says, come night fall shove the body overboard
the older character saying, you seem remarkably proficient at this, Miss Khan
Yaz saying there's no use being squeamish they've got a future to save

10. When she realized the Doctor was a keeper.

a character says that the good-hearted weirdos are the keepers and Yaz looks over at the doctor
Dan catches her glances at the Doctor and she claims it's nothing

9. When not even one of the Doctor's greatest enemies could scare her.

Yaz asking what other options they have
Yaz asking if they should land on other planet and set the Cybermen loose there and then says they're going to keep everyone safe
Yaz saying they're going to find the doctor and then take down the cybermen

8. When she basically tricked Ryan into complimenting her.

Yaz says the last time she snuck into someone's room was in year 10 for Danny Biswas and Ryan says she went right down in his estimation
Ryan says Danny Biswas was punching about his weight so Yaz asks if he just accidentally gave her a compliment
Ryan replies "whatever" as yaz walks away smiling

7. When Jack's grand return didn't impress her much.

Jack saying "thanks? that's it?"
Yaz says "are you feeling insecure? 'cos you seem to need a lot of praise?"

6. When she offered Nikola Tesla some sound advice (which totally wasn't meant for the Doctor to overhear).

Tesla saying it's his fault and Yaz shouldn't even be here while Yaz reassures him that even though he's a genius he doesn't have to figure everyone thing out by himself
she tells him that they're in it together

5. When — despite the Doctor's warning to "not interfere" — she traveled back to 1947 and saved her grandmother.

Yaz telling the doctor that her grandma made it out and made it Lahore

4. When she made the best decision of her life.

the doctor asking if yaz is going to stay and getting happy when she says yes
yaz saying she's not ready to let the doctor go yet

3. When she went on an underwater date with the Doctor.

Yaz and the doctor walking into a beautiful place and the doctor saying "not a a bad date, am i?"
yaz looking at the doctor seriously and says No

2. When she FINALLY got to hear that the Doctor feels the same way about her.

the doctor explaining that she doesn't usually go on dates
the doctor telling Yaz that if she was going to be with anyone it would be her because she's one of the greatest people she's ever met

1. And finally, when Yaz and Thirteen finally got their beach trip, and it basically mirrored this scene with Rose and Ten.

the two scenes side by side
the two different scenes showing thirteen saying she wishes this could go on forever and then Ten saying forever

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