Just 21 Really Wholesome Tumblr Posts About Cats

    You deserve this.

    1. This post highlights the importance of giving your kitty a strong name.

    tastefullyoffensive / Via tastefullyoffensive.tumblr.com

    2. And here's another really solid case for wacky cat names.

    lesbianshepard / satirizing / Via profmeowmers.tumblr.com

    3. In fairness, this post makes an equally good argument for "cats with human names."

    biggest-gaudiest-patronuses / Via biggest-gaudiest-patronuses.tumblr.com

    4. This cat is determined to be a mother.

    nunyabizni / Via nunyabizni.tumblr.com

    5. This post basically explains the meaning of happiness.

    dankmemeuniversity / Via racoonbones.tumblr.com

    6. This post puts a cat's reality in perspective.

    senatortedcruz / Via senatortedcruz.tumblr.com

    7. This cat is still learning his manners.

    wumblr / Via wumblr.tumblr.com

    8. This is basically the start of a Disney movie.

    fairymascot / Via fairymascot.tumblr.com

    9. This post just solved one of history's greatest mysteries.

    prokopetz / Via prokopetz.tumblr.com

    10. This guy just wants to be a bird.

    hitmewithcute / Via hitmewithcute.tumblr.com

    11. This post makes an important point about feline nature.

    insomniac-arrest / Via insomniac-arrest.tumblr.com

    12. This cat is a creature of habit.

    rainbpw-ginger-butterfly / Via rainbow-ginger-butterfly.tumblr.com

    13. Bathbomb learned how to love and be loved.

    slimy / cispiciousblk/ dragon-in-a-fez / Via dragon-in-a-fez.tumblr.com

    14. This fluffball is, quite literally, the teacher's pet.

    b-reathed / Via b-reathed.tumblr.com

    15. This cat just wants to be the most important person in its human's life.

    sandersstudies / Via sandersstudies.tumblr.com

    16. This cat is very set in her fluffly little ways.

    kedreeva / Via kedreeva.tumblr.com

    17. This kitty should be cast in The Mandalorian immediately.

    awsomecutecats / Via awsomecutecats.tumblr.com

    18. This cat has one dream in life.

    faygele / Via faygele.tumblr.com

    19. These cats work together to cause maximum mischief.

    prokopetz / Via prokopetz.tumblr.com

    20. This post is basically "How To Be A Good Cat Parent 101."

    cryptidwithacappuccino / Via cryptidwithacappuccino.tumblr.com

    21. And finally, this lil dude was oh-so-happy to see the camera.

    impaled / birdhug / Via birdhug.tumblr.com